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What is the Process for Professional Raccoon Removal?

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Professional Raccoon RemovalProfessional raccoon removal should only be handled by wildlife extraction experts. North Fulton Pest Solutions employs technicians who are licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Our staff is trained for skillful and effective removal, for all parties involved. If you’re afraid of the raccoon on your property – and perhaps you should be – or you’re afraid of hurting an animal you want out of your home, you can trust us to get the job done in a manner that leaves you, your property and your unintended guest in the best shape possible.

Why Raccoons Never Belong in the House

With their banded eyes and tails, their expressive faces and their tiny, human-like hands, raccoons have been popular in entertainment for years. Unfortunately, this leads some homeowners to want to make them pets. Some may even take pity on them and bring them indoors during the cold months. This is especially true for young raccoons that are still relatively small.

Most people don’t realize how large these animals will grow or how much damage they will cause just by being themselves. Raccoons are wild animals, and unlike puppies that grow into easily trained, domesticated animals, raccoons don’t grow up and calm down. Their instincts take over, and in the process, they will destroy your home.

Keep raccoons outdoors, even in poor weather, even when wounded, even when orphaned. You’re also welcome to call North Fulton Pest Solutions to handle the matter on your behalf. Concern for wild animals is understandable, but you should never put yourself at risk in the process of trying to save one.

Eventually, raccoons kept indoors become too large and rambunctious to handle, even if training is attempted from a young age. At that point, once they are accustomed to the kind and generous treatment you give them, it will be next-to-impossible to keep them out of your home without taking lethal measures. This is just one reason it’s illegal to keep raccoons as pets in Georgia.

In addition, a partially tamed raccoon will not have the survival skills it needs to continue to live on its own in the wild. You do the raccoon no favor by treating it in any way like a pet.

How to Keep Them Out: Professional Raccoon Removal

Like many problems, prevention is easier and more effective than removing raccoons from your home. Aside from homeowners bringing raccoons indoors, they often get in through gaps in your home’s construction or vents needed for the appliances and equipment in your house. Sealing entry points is essential in keeping raccoons outdoors where they belong. Our technicians are trained in wildlife exclusion tactics, for example, using exclusion materials to prevent raccoons from using vents as entryways into your home.

If you’ve had raccoons or squirrels in your attic or walls in the past, you may wish to invest in wildlife exclusion services simply to prevent the problem from occurring again. Our experts will quickly identify problem areas and find the fastest, most effective and budget-friendly options for keeping local wildlife out of your house.

The Best Way to Remove Raccoons From Your Home

Our wildlife removal experts use two main methods for raccoon removal. The first is an excluder trap with a one-way door. Placed around an entryway into the home, a raccoon will leave through the trap to collect food or water and then be blocked from coming back indoors. This is the most effective and humane trapping method available. Once it’s clear the raccoons have left your property, we will clean up the affected area and seal the opening.

The second method is baited traps placed in living areas. The traps allow our team to responsibly trap raccoons, including kits, which may not leave through an excluder one way door.

Raccoons may seem cute and friendly, but they are dangerous, too. They spread disease; they can be violent, and they cause extreme damage to home interiors just by being themselves. Whether you have a stowaway or have tried domesticating a raccoon to be a pet and it’s become a problem, North Fulton Pest Solutions will help. Call us at 770-475-7419 for a free quote.