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Product Review of Termidor

Do you have a termite problem? If so, have you tried repeatedly to get rid of these creatures only to be surprised time after time of their resurgence? Then it’s time to call a professional pest control provider and ask for Termidor.

Termidor, the termite control product, has been instrumental in eliminating infestations throughout the U.S. In fact over 4 million homes have been protected with Termidor applications since it became available in 2000.

What Makes Termidor so Effective?

Termidor has what its manufacturer has coined as a “transfer effect.” While traditional or previous generations of termiticides are or were repellents, Termidor is unique in that it is non-repellent and undetectable by the termites themselves. That means that termites will ingest and come in contact with Termidor without realizing they’ve been exposed to a product that will ultimately lead to their demise. Because termites don’t realize that they’ve come in contact with Termidor they will pass or “transfer” the product to other termites and colony members through grooming and feeding leading to a domino effect of termite eradication.

These pests are very adept at hiding from people. Nearly all termites in the Atlanta metro area are a subterranean species that cause serious damage behind the scenes. This is why products that contain repellent agents are often inferior to the non-repellent properties of Termidor. It’s also why people who use repellents find themselves facing recurring termite problems. It’s best that a trained professional inspect and prepare a termite treatment specifically designed for your property in order to apply Termidor in the most effective manner to ensure success in treating an active infestation of termites or preventing one to begin with.

Noted Results

Termidor is a cost-effective, fast-acting method of termite control that gets results. It’s been used in millions of households across the country, and is backed by the successful trials documented by the USDFA. Termidor provides the peace of mind in knowing that your home or business is truly protected.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

It is important to remember that a termite problem cannot be fixed overnight, especially if a massive infestation is present. Because these insects are subterranean (underground), it takes time for pest control applications to work effectively. However, Termidor starts working right away and continues working, normally achieving total control of termite infestations within just a few months!

Termidor is applied with water and binds to the soil particles. That means it will maintain an efficacy for years to come when routine inspections are incorporated into your service plan with a professional pest control operator.

If you have a termite problem, be sure to contact a pest control specialist immediately. And remember to ask seek out a certified Termidor professional.