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Pest Profile: The House Mouse

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Invading millions of home in America each year in search of food and shelter, the common mouse can now be found in practically every country in the world. The tame and fanciful celluloid portrayals of these creatures notwithstanding, mice are sources of potentially dangerous diseases such as Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and Hantavirus.

House mice multiply very rapidly, especially in a warm environment with plenty of food sources within easy reach (such as your house). Both the male and female of the species can reach sexual maturity after only five weeks and breed several times throughout the year. With an average litter size of six to eight healthy pups and a gestation period of only 19 to 21 days, it is easy to see how an uncontrolled mice population can quickly become a force of invasion.

Despite having lived in close proximity to humans for centuries and the vital role they have played in medical and scientific research, they are nevertheless considered pests. Aside from the potential health hazards that they pose to humans, they can also cause major damage to property. Many a fire have been started by broken electrical wiring damaged by the incessant gnawing of a house mouse.

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