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Pest Control

The 5 Most Important Facts About Pest Management Services During the Buggiest Time of Year

Pest Management Services atlantaPest management services prevent or eliminate a number of unwelcome guests on your property. These include both insects and wild animals that pose health or safety risks or have the potential to damage your property. You can often attempt DIY pest control methods, but professionals have the training, tools and insurance to handle these problems in the fastest, most efficient ways possible.

Here are just a few important facts about Atlanta area pest control:

1. Termite control is absolutely essential in protecting your property.

Atlanta is one of the states hardest hit by termite infestations. The tiny insects can mow through a property in little time, leaving tens of thousands of dollars of damage and creating serious hazards in their wake.

Termites are also especially difficult to handle through DIY methods. Most products sold to consumers are labeled as effective only as additional support for that reason. Barriers repel termites from your property, but the real promise is found in the industry’s new and most sophisticated baiting products. These are only available to top-tier pest control specialists who’ve been able to invest in the appropriate tools and training.

2. Mosquito control is a simple, effective and affordable way to enjoy the summer.

Summer BBQs aren’t so much fun with swarms of mosquitos hanging around, but professional-grade treatments can easily keep them at bay. Prevent these annoying bugs from overtaking your property, and take full advantage of your yard, with an easy mosquito maintenance plan. Throughout spring, summer and fall, regular treatments will prevent eggs and larvae from developing into adults. They’ll also provide strategic applications at regular intervals (monthly) in order to control the biting adult populations.

3. Ants can do more damage than you think.

Similar to termites, carpenter ants attack the framing of your home. Instead of eating the wood, however, they simply burrow it out. Over time, these hollows—called galleries—undermine the security of buildings and can lead to structure failure.

Ants are also a pesky pest, crawling over anything and everything in their path. They get into your food, spreading disease, and they can get into your clothes, beds and shoes, making it difficult for you to ever feel at ease. A professional can help you find and treat the root of the problem and reclaim your property.

4. Flea treatments protect your pets, as well as your home.

The wet heat fuels rapid flea infestations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much time for a home to be completely covered in the biting, itching pests. Your poor pets don’t have to suffer. Using a combination treatment plan, your home and property can be rid of fleas while your pet is also provided with appropriate prevention.

5. Need we say more?

There are several different types of cockroaches in Georgia, and any source of food can draw them in. Unfortunately for us, roaches eat almost anything. High humidity can draw them in, placing every home at risk during the summer months. Once in place, roaches can be almost impossible to get rid of, even with professional help, so it’s important to invest in preventive measures and to hire services at the first sign of a problem.

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