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Pest Control

In 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You the Truth About Pest Management Professionals

The words “exterminator” and “pest management professionals” conjures up different images for different kinds of people. The situations that various pests put people in have evolved over time. A thousand years ago, people were probably most concerned about keeping rodents out of their food supply. Today, homeowners have a wide range of pest concerns, from rodents in the pantry, to termites in the walls, to mosquitoes in the backyard. Pest management professionals have a long history of finding new ways to protect people from the health concerns, safety issues, and the possibility of famine that are attributed to pests. Here is useful and interesting information about the history, goals, and practices of pest management professionals.

The need for pest management professionals is at least as old as humans’ history with agriculture. To maximize crop outputs and keep food sources pest-free, pest management professionals got their start as keepers of the crops. In order to ensure that populations of people had access to food, the earliest pest management professionals used substances such as sulfur to keep pests out of the fields. People bred dogs to hunt and kill rodents; these dogs, as well as cats, were used to control rat and mouse populations to prevent grain loss and contamination. Successful harvests depended on the effectiveness of these earliest pest management professionals, and it often meant life or death during long, cold winters.

Modern pest management professionals use a wide range of pest control methods to keep spiders, insects, rodents, and more from posing health or safety hazards to humans. Today, the realm of pest management professionals also includes protection of home values against termites, and ensuring the comfort and safety of backyards by keeping bees, wasps, and mosquitoes at bay. Traps, barriers, and application of compounds are just a few methods currently used to keep humans healthy and safe in their homes and places of business.

Scientists are also working to develop innovative solutions to pest problems. One of the most exciting recent developments is a new therapy to ensure that malaria-transmitting mosquitoes only breed male mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes bite, and the first laboratory test produced 95% male mosquito offspring. This development could be a huge breakthrough in the worldwide fight against malaria.

Pest management professionals are concerned about the health and comfort of each family they service. Those of us in the profession take our responsibilities very seriously. North Fulton Pest Solutions has been training our pest management professionals and equipping them with the very latest products and technology to ensure sound, successful pest control experiences for each of our clients.

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