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Does an Average House Need a Pest Inspection Service?

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If you own property in Georgia, it’s essential to find a reputable pest inspection service. Because of the climate, it’s easy for bugs to thrive here, meaning you can’t let your guard down. In fact, many homeowners enroll in preventive services to prevent infestations from taking root.

Here are just a few reasons Atlanta homeowners need periodic pest inspections:

Termites lead to serious damage, and none of it’s covered by insurance.

If you want to buy or sell a home in the Atlanta area, you’ll need a termite inspection. Why? They’re that prevalent, and they cause significant damage. This goes beyond cosmetic concerns. In just a few years, a house with an unchecked termite infestation can become worthless with floors and support beams turned to dust.

The worst part is that your insurance won’t cover your claims. Termite damage is considered the result of poor maintenance. Like it or not, inspections and preventive treatments are just part of the responsibilities of owning a home in this climate.

Mosquitos rob you of summer fun and prevent you from fully enjoying your property.

Humid, hot summers and mosquitoes go hand-in-hand, but so do mosquitoes and diseases like West Nile Virus. Not to mention, swarming “skeeters” can make being outdoors in the summer next-to-unbearable.

There are a handful of ways you can control these populations when you’re outdoors, but a spring inspection and preventive treatment plan can take care of the issue before it begins. Take full advantage of your home and yard, and feel safe in hosting pool parties and BBQs with your friends with a few affordable pest control applications.

Stinging, biting insects cause pain and can seriously harm those with allergies.

Later in summer, it’s not so much the mosquitoes buzzing around that worry Atlanta homeowners, but starving hornets and wasps. As the season progresses, numbers swell, and the food supply becomes limited. You may have seen wasps flying erratically or heard them referred to as “pollen drunk.” The truth is, they’re struggling to stay alive and are more likely to sting because of it. Not only that, but when they sting, these insects releases pheromones alerting others to a threat, and if you’re close enough to a nest when that happens, you could wind up dealing with thousands of flying, stinging insects.

Spiders bite—an especially scary fact in a state with two poisonous species.

Georgia is home to the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse, two spiders commonly found in dark, secluded places, making them especially difficult to see. What makes matters worse is they are both commonly mistaken for less threatening spiders. Professionals know where they usually hide, and they’re able to accurately identify them.

Preventing pests from entering your home is relatively easy for the pros.

The bug sprays, bombs and baits available off the store shelf aren’t very effective. They can’t be, because most consumers don’t have the equipment or training to use more effective products responsibly. You can invest in an inspection and treatment plan sure to solve your problems, and easily spend less in the process than you would attempting to treat an infestation yourself with lower-quality products.

Call 770-475-7419 to schedule pest inspection service or to request a free quote. We’re here to help you enjoy your home to the fullest.