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Four Reasons Pest Control for Fleas is Important. #2 Might Surprise You.

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Atlanta pest control for fleasComplete pest control for fleas is a team effort among your family, your veterinarian, and your pest control professional. Once you discover fleas on your pets or in your home, each of these steps must be completed in order to eliminate fleas and the irritations they bring with them:

  • You will need to wash all linens, thoroughly clean all floor surfaces, and clean or replace your pet’s bedding.
  • Your veterinarian will treat your pet’s existing fleas or recommend that you do so by washing your pet with a flea-killing shampoo and prescribing a preventative medicine. Your pest control professional will make strategic applications inside and outside the home to kill existing flea populations and reduce future generations.

All of these steps must be taken to ensure that the flea problem is ended right away. Here are four reasons why thorough pest control for fleas is important.

  1. Fleas can cause an array of problems for your pets.
    Fleas don’t just make your dog itchy. All that scratching can cause skin infections. And, if your pet licks and swallows a flea, it can cause tapeworm. Less common but totally possible flea-borne illnesses include cat scratch fever, the plague (yes, “the” plague), and a nasty disease called haemobartonellosis that causes depressed appetite, weight loss, anemia, and possibly death. Now you have much bigger pet problems and veterinary bills on your hands.
  2. Once you see a flea, there are already more fleas than you can see.
    If you spot a flea on your cat or dog, the problem is already much bigger than just one flea. The fleas you can see represent only about 5% of the fleas that are already living in your home, in your yard, and on your pets. Plus, a single female flea can lay up to fifty eggs in your home every single day.
  3. Fleas will also cause discomfort for the humans in your home.
    Fleas will not hesitate to bite people, which will cause itchy red bumps on your spouse and kids. Fleas can hide out in carpets, on furniture, and in the grass in your yard – surfaces your family probably touches every single day.
  4. Fleas are hard to see and hard to kill.
    Eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult fleas can lurk in just about any surface in your home, as well as in your yard. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate a flea infestation without professional help.

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