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Why Start Using Pest Control For Ants?

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pest control for ants atlantaAnts are common and persistent little pests, and professional pest control for ants is the most effective way to get rid of them. Ants can easily enter most homes and other buildings, capable of squeezing through the tiniest cracks on their quest to find food for their colonies. While ants do not typically pose a health threat to humans, they are a nuisance nobody wants in their home. If you are wondering whether you should find professional pest control for ants in your home, continue reading for additional advice.

Common Remedies Are Ineffective

If you see a few dozen ants in your kitchen, there are thousands more hiding back at the nest. Ant traps and poisons that you buy at the hardware store typically only kill the ants you can see, which means that the colony is still thriving out of sight, ready and able to quickly replace the ants you killed.

Ants Enjoy Incredible Longevity

Worker ants can live for seven years, and their queens can live twice as long. Once a worker ant gets into your home and locates a good food source, it leaves behind an invisible pheromone trail that helps the rest of the worker ants find the food too. This means that a continuous trail of ants is coming and going, stocking up their colony’s pantry with food from YOUR pantry.

Ants Are the Most Common Household Pest

Ants have colonized on every continent except Antarctica. They usually build nests in dirt next to or below structures, boards, or sidewalks. They commonly infiltrate homes, office buildings, and even hospitals.

What Can You Do About Ants In the Meantime?

There are some steps you can take before your professional pest control for ants comes to your home. Try these tips to help reduce the ants in your home:

  • Remove potential food sources, and store food in sealed containers or inaccessible areas.
  • Vacuum up ant trails and wipe the area with a cleaning solution to get rid of the pheromone trail.
  • Locate entry points and seal them with caulk or coat them with petroleum jelly.

North Fulton Pest Control puts customer satisfaction above everything else. We are so committed to your satisfaction that, if within thirty days of your initial service you do not experience a noticeable reduction in your initial pest problem, we will keep coming back and repeat the ant treatment until you are satisfied. If you have still not seen a substantial reduction of ants within thirty days, just notify us in writing within ten days, and we will give you $25 dollars for your time and inconvenience. No other Atlanta exterminating company will give you that level of commitment.

If you are ready to get rid of your ant problem once and for all, contact North Fulton Pest Control by visiting our website.