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What You Need to Know About Mosquito Population Control

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mosquito population controlSummer is in full swing, and it has been a hot one. Hot, dry weather, followed by summer thunderstorms means a huge surge in mosquito populations. Mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water or areas that will become flooded with standing water, but even eggs that have been dormant for months can “come to life” after a rainy spell. So, if you have noticed that there is an increase in mosquitos lately, it is probably due to what we in the South know as summer weather. Mosquito population control can help keep up with the problem, but there are some things you should know.

Mosquito control is not a one-time shot.

Mosquitos fly which means they can travel from one area to another. They aren’t very good fliers; so, they don’t travel that far, but they can fly from your neighbor’s untreated yard into yours. This means that you should treat your yard regularly. You can’t get mosquito treatment one time and expect it to last the entire summer. Depending on your mosquito problem, you may need to get your yard treated every week, every two weeks, or every month.

Mosquito control works best when you combine several methods.

The most effective mosquito population control involves several lines of defense. There is the product that actually kills mosquitos on contact. This will immediately reduce the population. Then there is a residual product that also acts as a barrier. The best programs combine adulticides with synergists, insect growth regulators, and larvacides to prevent immature mosquitoes from developing into mature biting adults! Finally, there are things that you can do along the perimeter of your yard or patio. Gravid traps, citronella candles, and well placed fans work with applied products to create a strong system that will greatly reduce mosquitos in your yard.

Mosquito barriers can effectively keep mosquitos out of the areas you inhabit.

Citronella candles help to keep mosquitoes away. They are probably the most common mosquito repellant. There are more things you can do though. Directing fans to blow air along the perimeter of your patio or area where you will be, can keep them out. The fans make it difficult for mosquitoes to fly, and they will avoid it. Using mosquito repellant on your exposed skin also helps keep them from lighting on you.

Mosquito population control is best handled by a pest management professional.

Mosquito control is not a simple process and experts typically recommend that homeowners hire a professional service provider to keep mosquitos at bay. Mosquito control professionals have the knowledge and access to products that are much more effective than over the counter products you might pick up at your local market or mass merchandiser. They will apply the product and advise you on ways you can keep mosquitos out of your yard.

Let us help make your summer a little better with our mosquito population control services. Call North Fulton Pest Solutions today and we’ll give those mosquitos a run for their money. Don’t let mosquitos ruin your outdoor activities any longer. Call today; we’re here to help.