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It’s That Time of Year! The Best Advice about Mosquito Pest Control Services

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mosquito pest control servicesHomeowners in Georgia need to get on top of mosquito pest control services as soon as temperatures start to rise. Female mosquitoes overwinter in the state’s warm climate and begin laying eggs as soon as they’re able. If ignored, thousands of thirsty mosquitoes may soon be hatching in the water sources around your home. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to control these irritating, annoying and sometimes painful pests.

Here are three excellent ideas for controlling mosquitoes around your home:

Remove sources of standing water from your property.

Whether you have stagnant water in your gutters, dirty bird baths, or splash guards that hold water where downspouts drain, get rid of the threat of standing water by finding ways to keep water moving. Clean clogged gutters, dump standing water from splash guards once a week, or add a fish or two to your pond. Rinse out bird baths every few days or remove drainage blockages once and for all. Without the protection of still, hot, wet places, mosquito larvae can’t grow into adults.

Unfortunately, Georgia in general has lots of hot, steamy sources of water reserves. Mosquitoes are such a problem that the state has its own Mosquito Control Association dedicated to the discovery and development of new, effective methods for keeping the tiny biters at bay. It’s no secret that pesticides have gone a long way in helping residents here enjoy the big outdoors.

Use larvacides to kill mosquitoes before they become adults.

Only certain mosquitoes bite—mature adult females. They drink blood in order to lay eggs, meaning they won’t bite at all if they aren’t allowed to mature. At any moment during the warmer months, you’re likely to find a puddle somewhere teeming with wriggling, writhing mosquito larvae. This is where the right pest control company really shines. They can help treat potential water sources in the area, killing mosquito larvae without hurting other species.

Other pesticides can be used to control populations too. Communities often do citywide applications to keep the pests under control. With West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus presenting real health concerns, these treatments have become wider spread. Additionally, owners of vacant properties often rely on professional treatments to keep from creating unintentional hazards during the warmest months.

Seek professional mosquito control applications before big outdoor events.

Consumers have access to a handful of helpful products capable of repelling mosquitoes. Many agencies recommend bug repellents containing DEET. Catnip oil is another potent mosquito repellent, while citronella candles and related products offer modest protection. Other devices and products widely touted for driving “skeeters” away tend to have mediocre results at best, making professional yard protection extra important.

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