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Three Things Mosquitoes Would Say About Pest Control Pros

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We’ve all been there, scratching our legs and arms after that fantastic day at the lake or by the pool, regretting what would have been a really fun time and maybe a great memory… if we hadn’t gotten devoured by mosquitoes. Instead, now you’ve got red bumps all over yourself and scratching them only makes it worse.

But what do you do? It’s easy enough to spray on some bug spray, and that might be the best solution when you’re away from home. However, for keeping your own backyard, screened porch, and home mosquito-free, you could just contact us to fix the problem at the best rates around.

Think those mosquitoes will just go away if you’re careful not to leave standing water and to mow your yard regularly? Sometimes those preventative measures aren’t enough. If mosquitoes love your home and yard, they’re planning to stay.

In fact, annoying mosquitoes wish you’d never heard about pest control pros. Here’s what they’ve got to say… in their own words:

  1. Those pesky North Fulton Pest Solutions guys keep us from taking a dip in the swimming pool! Every time we want to get in and go for a swim, there’s always something stopping us! We’ve just given up after many attempts, it’s just impossible.
  2. We never get to party! Everyone is always having cookouts, parties, and festivals all spring! Those guys just keep on making us leave!
  3. They completely shut down our ability to multiply! Do you have any idea how depressing it is to not be able to breed? Our breeding grounds are completely ruined every time these pest control pros come into town!

So clearly, the mosquitoes are not happy with us. But you most definitely will be, unless you choose not to get yourself protected this spring from these pesky pests!

Spring should be a time for cooking out, smelling the nice smoke of a fresh BBQ smoker, and enjoying time with your family relaxing outside – not worrying about mosquito bites and all the dangers that come with them. West Nile, malaria, and many other very dangerous and harmful diseases are transmitted by these nasty critters. The best way to protect your family from the itch and the danger of mosquitoes cause is to employ North Fulton Pest Solutions’ multilayer approach to mosquito control. Step one starts with reducing biting, adult populations by attacking mosquitoes in their known harborage areas with an adulticide application. With step two, North Fulton Pest Solutions breaks the reproduction cycle of mosquitoes by targeting the most vulnerable stage of the metamorphosis cycle with strategic larvacide applications that prevent immature mosquitoes from ever reaching the adult biting state! This prescriptive one, two combination not only eliminates current biting populations, but also greatly reduces the next generation!

Give your local friends over at North Fulton Pest Solutions a call at 770-475-7419. Not only are you doing yourself a favor but you will benefit by trusting the most professional Atlanta-based pest control company around.