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Wildlife Control

Tis the Season! For Management of Wildlife Before Santa Comes Down the Chimney

management of wildlifeManagement of wildlife is a year-round business in the Atlanta area. Mammals such as squirrels and raccoons tend to be a bigger nuisance during the winter months because they make their way inside homes to escape the cold weather. Once inside your attic or crawlspace, the destruction begins. Wood, wires, insulation, and pretty much anything else being stored in the area is fair game for chewing and shredding in order to build nests.

So how can you tell if you have a situation that requires the management of wildlife on your property?

Listen Up

Your first signal that critters are in your attic or crawl space might be hearing strange noises. Raccoons and squirrels will not tiptoe through your attic to avoid being detected. They will scurry in and out all day long, venturing out to eat and coming back in to build nests and rest up. If you think you’ve heard something moving around in your attic, you’re probably right.

Ceiling Stains

Another sign that you need a wildlife management program is the development of stains in your ceiling. Most animals will pick one corner of the attic to use as their bathroom; over time, their urine can soak through to the ceiling below. If you notice discoloration on your ceiling, it could be a leaky roof, but it could also be wildlife hunkering down in the attic.

Electrical Issues

A third indication that animals are tearing up your attic could be a sudden electrical problem in the home. Has your phone, cable, or security system recently failed? Remember how we mentioned that lots of creatures like to chew wires? It’s worth a look in the attic to see if you can spot other signs of a wildlife infestation.

When you get up to the attic, look for shredded cardboard or wallpaper. You might see insulation that’s been torn or matted down. Another obvious sign of wildlife is droppings, and perhaps food items such as acorns. Finding any of these conditions in your attic is cause to call a wildlife management company right away.

Don’t Let Wildlife Ruin Your Holidays

If you’re like millions of Americans, you’re probably hosting a holiday party or even have relatives coming to stay with you during the upcoming festive season. It’s a great idea to get your management of wildlife taken care of before your guests arrive. You will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with not having to deal with critters or pest control companies while you’re trying to host your holiday events.

North Fulton Pest Solutions takes the management of wildlife very seriously. Our technicians can make visits to place live traps to remove, squirrels, raccoons, and other creatures from your attic and perform the necessary wildlife exclusion work to prevent animals from gaining access into your home in the future! Click here to learn more about our management of wildlife programs.