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Wildlife Control

The Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Large Animal Removal

Many homeowners like to take a stab at handling their own pest control needs, and while we understand the desire to save a buck and attempt to handle what seems like a minor issue, large animal removal is nothing to mess around with. Most people don’t understand that once evidence of pests is visible, the problem has already grown way beyond what can be seen with the naked eye.

When it comes to bigger pests, we draw a thick black line. The best advice we have ever heard about large animal removal is to skip the trial and error and just bring in trained professionals. Keep reading to learn why this is so important.

Danger, Danger

Larger pests such as beaver, raccoons, and opossums can carry a host of diseases and parasites. Nonetheless, there is a lot of misunderstanding about these creatures. For example, everybody seems to think that every opossum carries rabies. However, opossums have such low body temperatures that they are not hospitable hosts for the rabies virus. On the other hand, they commonly instead carry the bacteria and viruses that cause tuberculosis, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, and more. Because of the potential for disease transmission, tangling with an opossum on your own is never a good idea.

Property Disaster

Beaver are not known to enter homes, but they can cause widespread destruction on your property. They cut down a tremendous number of trees to build their dams, which many property owners do not appreciate. Trapping and relocating beaver to a new spot along the stream or river is the best way to protect the trees on your property, but this is always best left to the experts.

Did you know that beaver can grow to over 50 pounds? That’s a big, strong rodent requiring a special kind of live trap. You can avoid all kinds of problems by calling in a professional large animal removal service to help with your beaver issue.

Cute, but Destructive

Raccoons enjoy a soft spot in many people’s hearts. After all, they use their front paws like little hands! They carefully wash their food before they eat it! They may seem cuddly and hygienic, but raccoons can cause incredible damage inside your home.

Raccoons are known to cause fire hazards by chewing electrical wires. They can inhibit your home’s HVAC systems by shredding air ducts and insulation. Plus, raccoons frequently carry roundworm, leptospirosis, salmonella, and rabies, none of which you want in your home. Since raccoons can quickly become agitated or violent, you should never try to remove a raccoon from your home on your own.

Live trapping wildlife is one of our specialties at North Fulton Pest Solutions. Humane relocation and exclusion of large pests involves a certain level of risk we hope our clients never assume for themselves. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, and they come to the job site equipped with the best tools possible. Click here to get more information about our expert large animal removal services.