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Ladybugs Are Cute… Until There’s an Infestation. How to Manage Ladybug Pest Control

The very idea of ladybug pest control may cause you to feel a bit of shock. After all, what curious child hasn’t held a ladybug on his or her fingertip, carefully inspecting the little spots and legs until the bug eventually flies off? There may be a soft spot in your heart for ladybugs, but that changes once you experience a ladybug infestation in your home. Here are our best tips on how to keep the ladybugs outside where they belong, and how to manage ladybug pest control in your home.

Ladybug populations typically experience the most growth during the spring and summer months. This is because the new leaves growing on the plants and trees all around us harbor lots of leaf-eating bugs that ladybugs love to feast on. Aphids, mealybugs, and mite populations are kept in check thanks to ladybugs. These little red and black beetles normally relocate to sheltered areas in the fall, and unfortunately, some populations end up hunkering down inside homes.

You might be thinking, “So what? Ladybugs are cute and harmless, right?” With almost 500 species of ladybugs living in North America, it’s not a surprise that at least a few of those species can cause harm to humans. The Mexican beetle and squash beetle enjoy eating common garden plants, and the Asian lady beetle can trigger asthma and allergy problems for some people. They are also capable of squirting a stinky yellow fluid that can stain any material it comes into contact with. That’s enough cause for many people to grab the vacuum cleaner at the first sight of a ladybug inside their house.

In order to prevent ladybugs from entering your home, try some of the following tips from the pros:

  • Repair or replace any damaged screens.
  • Replace any old, worn-out weather stripping around your doors and windows.
  • Use caulk to seal any cracks around doorjambs or window frames, in your foundation, or on your siding.

If these steps, plus sucking up visible bugs with your vacuum cleaner don’t seem to clear up your ladybug population, then it’s time to call the ladybug pest control experts. North Fulton Pest Solutions would be glad to do a home visit to assess your ladybug situation. We always apply just the minimum treatment necessary to clear up the ladybug population. Your family’s comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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