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Help is Available! Managing Indoor Spider Control This Summer

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Indoor Spider Control atlantaIndoor spider control is sometimes needed to clear up infestations of dangerous or troublesome pests. There are poisonous spiders in Georgia. Unfortunately, where they make their homes and the conditions needed for them to bite make injuries more likely. Sometimes, a dangerous spider population can spin out of control until a homeowner has no idea how to clear them out, let alone managing to do it while keeping their sanity intact.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should call in a specialist to handle your indoor spider control:

Spider populations can quickly spread.

In the 2 – 4 years a female brown recluse will live, she can lay up to 3,000 eggs. Suspended from webs in dark, undisturbed areas, the egg-containing sacs mature in roughly 24 days. Once they hatch, the spiders spill into the surrounding spaces to establish their own webs. These dangerous spiders can leave festering wounds capable of claiming whole limbs or your life, but they aren’t the only problem for Georgia homeowners.

Black widows are also prevalent here. The female lays hundreds of eggs each summer during the 1 – 3 years of her life. Unfortunately, because they both keep such a low profile, infestations of either type can set in before you even realize one specimen is in your home.

People regularly mistake spiders for one another.

Did you know most sightings of brown recluse are mistakes? Overwhelmingly, people mistake larger, scarier-looking spiders for the brown recluse, which is fairly diminutive in appearance. Just a bit larger than a nickel and a soft brown, the brown recluse does not look intimidating, so chances are, they’ll be seen and squashed or moved outdoors, leaving all of their relatives to stay safely hidden within your home.

The black widow is suffering from a similar problem now, as brown widows move into Georgia. These spiders are more aggressive, populous, and make their webs in places that get more traffic. For instance, you may have several brown widows living out in the yard, and they look very much like black widows. Ultimately this will lead to homeowners spending more time and concern managing harmless arachnids than the hidden dangers in your home.

Professional treatments are fast and effective.

It’s true that you can vacuum up spiders and spray lemon or vinegar in areas to help keep them away. However, these home remedies aren’t guaranteed to take care of a problem. That’s a big deal if you’re dealing with venomous species. Instead, seek out a professional service to assess your property and evaluate any spiders found in your home. They can also recommend the appropriate treatments, useful in both controlling existing spiders and eggs but also in preventing new spiders from entering your property and propagating.

Call in the professionals, and learn how to safely manage indoor spider control. North Fulton Pest Solutions can help Atlanta homeowners deal with the most invasive species in the state. Call 770-475-7419 for a free quote for effective indoor spider control.