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How to Take the Squash Factor Out of Indoor Bug Control

indoor bug control johns creekIndoor bug control is capable of clearing bugs out of your home, but only when performed by a professional. Why? The pros have access to specialized products consumers do not have access to. They also have the training to recognize many of the challenges facing the average homeowner. In contrast, you likely have a handful of products you found in the cleaning aisle, including a flyswatter. The last thing you want to do is squash a bug, however. Besides the ick factor, you could wind up unknowingly distributing eggs and spreading the problem.

Here are just a few other ways you can get a bug infestation under control:

Take time to identify the bugs on your property.

A surprising number of people assume they have problems with one kind of insect when they are really dealing with a different variety. These kinds of basic mistakes prevent your bug-busting efforts from having the biggest effect. Several websites can help with bug identification, but experts—such as a local extension office—can help as well.

Clean up your yard and your home.

Food and water attract bugs, so if there are leaky pipes in your basement or leaves next to your foundation, you’ll invite insects into your house. Clearing out food and removing easy places for bugs to hide—like cardboard boxes—is the first step in getting rid of a bug problem.

Invest in effective at-home prevention.

Many of the products available to consumers on the store shelf are considered supplemental. They will provide some help, but they’re not intended to clear up a problem on their own. In fact, some are labeled this way to prevent consumers from overusing them. Check out online ratings for pest control products to get a feel for the most effective products available

Create lasting solutions through quality prevention.

Georgia is one of the worst states for bug infestations because of the climate. It’s hot for a majority of the year, and it’s also humid. There’s a great deal of rain and very little snow, meaning insects don’t have as long to hibernate each year. You rarely get a break, so it’s especially important to always have preventive measures in place. Regular termite, fire ant and cockroach treatments, in particular, should be maintained to ensure these problems don’t take root anywhere on your property.

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