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Wildlife Control

The Best Humane Wildlife Control Options When You’re a Softy for Critters (But Don’t Want Them in Your Attic)

humane wildlife control optionsHere at North Fulton Pest Solutions, we talk to a lot of clients who are seeking the most humane wildlife control methods possible. These folks don’t want animals in their attic, but they also don’t want the creatures to die just because they chose an attic for a safe, warm spot to spend the winter.

The truth is, we also prefer to use humane methods whenever possible. In fact, state and local laws often mandate that certain kinds of animals cannot be killed during the wildlife removal process. If you are in need of wildlife control services, here are the best humane wildlife control options:

**Live Traps and Excluder Cages


When baited with non-toxic food to lure in raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and lots of other creatures, the success rate for live traps is extremely high. With the bait at one end and a doorway at the other, it’s a simple, effective, and humane wildlife control method.

When the animal enters the wire trap to get to the food, it trips a mechanism that makes the door swing shut. Another successful humane method of ridding one’s attic of wildlife is to incorporate the use of excluder cages in the exclusion process. During an exclusion the openings around the roofline of one’s home are sealed to prevent animals from entering the attic by means of these opening in the future. After the roofline is sealed, an excluder cage caan be installed over a small area of unsealed roofline. The excluder cage acts like a one way door. Wildlife inside the attic may exit via the excluder cage but are then unable to re-enter. After a specified period of time has elapsed to allow animals inside the attic to exit, the excluder cage is removed and the area of the roofline that occupied by the excluder cage is sealed.

Exclusion Tactics

In some instances, a live trap simply won’t work. As alluded to above, the best defense is often a sound offense. Exclusion is a term used by the wildlife control industry to describe the process of sealing off entry points to a structure thus “excluding” wildlife from entering or gaining access into one’s home. In the Atlanta metro area this almost always involves sealing the gap that exists along the roofline between the roof decking and the fascia board (this opening is often referred to as the construction or builder’s gap). Note however that exclusion measures don’t end with the sealing of the roofline. Other areas including, but not limitied to, gable vents, roof returns, foundation vents, utility and plumbing penetrations, soffits, eaves, and foundations must also be properly inspected by a trained wildlife professional and subsequently sealed to prevent the entry to the targeted or offending wildlife.


The very best method of humane wildlife control is prevention. Effectively excluding wildlife from your home keeps the critters outside where they belong. It protects your home from the potential damages that wildlife can inflict and saves you the hassle of calling in a pest control company.

Whether you need wildlife humanely removed from your home, or if you are interested in finding out how you can preventatively exclude pests from your home, North Fulton Pest Solutions can help. We offer free estimates to help you learn about your options and plan around your budget.

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