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What the Experts Will Tell You About Humane Bird Control

atlanta humane bird controlHere in the Atlanta area, we receive an increasing number of calls for bird control during the spring and summer months. Most people don’t have any problem with songbirds or hummingbirds; after all, they are the reason why people keep bird feeders available in their back yards. Most bird control complaints are about species such as pigeons and starlings. Here is some expert bird control advice about removing and excluding these two aggravating species of birds from your property.


Pigeons are the most common pest bird in urban areas. They tend to nest atop buildings and homes, where their molted feathers, droppings, and nest material can clog gutters and mechanical equipment. When they nest along eaves located above walkways, their droppings can cause slip and falls. Their droppings are extremely corrosive and can destroy metal. It also contains a range of bacteria that can cause disease in humans. Therefore it’s extremely important to keep pigeons from roosting on your structure.

The best way to prevent pigeons from taking up residence is to install netting and/or spikes on your home or building. These physical barriers keep pigeons from building nests, or even resting on the structure. Forcing them to find another home is the best method of pigeon bird control.


Starlings were introduced to the US from Europe in the 1890s, and they have been very successful in colonizing. The biggest complaint about starlings is that they force out many other, more welcomed species of birds. They will nest just about anywhere, and they will commandeer food sources to the total exclusion of other bird species. Starlings form flocks of at least 100 birds, and can form groups of up to one million. Their sheer numbers and aggressive behavior force other species to look elsewhere for food and shelter.

Excluding starlings from your property can be tricky, due to their persistence, varied nesting habits, and sheer numbers of birds in their flocks. Combining visual and auditory deterrents is usually the best method of bird control for starlings. Random loud noises and reflective bird diverters can help scare away starling flocks. After the flock has left the premises, barriers like nets and spikes can be installed to prevent the birds from returning.

North Fulton Pest Solutions knows the most effective bird control methods for getting rid of your nuisance birds. Our wildlife exclusion technicians will remove birds from your property, clean up messes the birds leave behind, and install products to prevent birds from re-entering the area.

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