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How to Spot a Kudzu Bug

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The Kudzu bug is so named because they are known to feed on the Kudzu plant, also called the Japanese arrowroot. Kudzu is a plant in the pea family that is native to Japan and southeast China. Kudzu bugs have only been recently documented in America. Their first sighting was in 2009 in Georgia. From the Peach State, it is now known to have spread to North and South Carolina. Kudzu bugs are classified as agricultural pests because they also feed on other plants such as soybeans, which is a commercially grown crop.

Kudzu bugs are also known as stinkbugs because they secrete a foul-smelling odor when disturbed. This odor is their main defense against predators. An adult Kudzu bug is usually 3 to 6 mm long, typically olive green in color with some brown speckling. The Kudzu bug has a roundish body shape compared to the more elliptical or triangular body shape of other stinkbugs. It has a plate in the center of its back and is slightly broader along the bottom than it is at the top. The second segment of its antennae is shorter than that of other stinkbugs.

Kudzu bugs lay dormant in the winter. As soon as temperatures begin to drop, they head indoors seeking shelter and warmth for their winter sleep. Your house with central heating and protection from the elements is the perfect destination.

If you suspect you have Kudzu bugs in your house, call the professional exterminators at North Fulton Pest Solutions. Trying to get rid of them yourself may agitate them, causing them to release their foul chemical odor. When released by large numbers, this odor can be quite overpowering. North Fulton Pest Solutions can help you get rid of Kudzu bugs as well as other pests responsibly and effectively. You and your family deserve to enjoy a pest-free environment!