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Wrecking Balls and Other (More Practical) Methods to Remove Cockroaches

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how to remove cockroachesNo one knows how to remove cockroaches from a home without a bit of research, and the experts at North Fulton Pest Solutions have made this challenge a high priority. Take advantage of our existing knowledge, as well as the superior pest management products we have available, and call us at the first sign of an infestation.

Here are just a few steps on how to remove cockroaches from your home:

Identify Problem Areas.

Baits, preventives and other pest control products are really only a small part of the treatment process. Atlanta homeowners have to be diligent when it comes to housekeeping and responsible storage. We have more cockroaches here than so many other regions due to our warm, humid climate, and if you aren’t really careful, you’ll attract these nasty bugs to your home.

Our trained pest control techs will visit your home and assess it for problems. Some people ignore obvious issues – like food being left out or leaky pipes – while others aren’t so obvious. Just keeping cardboard boxes on hand can be enough to put out the welcome mat. Unfortunately, roaches are often brought into your home by way of eggs laid in store packaging (corrugated cardboard is an absolute favorite for the dreaded German roach!).

Design a Quality Pest Control Treatment Plan.

If you’ve been purchasing products in the store to get rid of your cockroaches, feel free to stop wasting your money. Read the labels carefully. Many of them are designed as temporary fixes or additional support products for a professional cockroach control plan. If you’re working with experienced professionals, like those from North Fulton Pest Solutions, you won’t need them. We know the best products to use together to take care of your insect problem.

For instance, we have access to insect growth regulators (IGRs) that disrupt the maturation process. Cockroaches take roughly 100 days from egg to fully mature, reproducing adult, but IGRs prevent full development. The affected pests are essentially sterile and ready to die out. Pair this with slow-acting bait solutions capable of stopping any roach that eats them, and you’ll be bug-free in no time.

Prevent Future Infestations.

When you call us for help, you’re not investing in a temporary fix. We’ll work with you during and after an insect invasion to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again. Cockroaches are disgusting creatures proven to transport germs and affect human health, especially in small children. It’s essential you keep them out of your home once they’re gone, and we’re fully prepared to help. We help prevent roach infestations by making strategic crack and crevice applications with special products and equipment used in ultra-small spaces and through general maintenance, like caulking around potential entry points such as utility penetrations.

Call North Fulton Pest Solutions at 770-475-7419. We will teach you how to remove cockroaches efficiently and long-term.