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Take Back Your Outdoor Living Space: 4 Tips on How to Prevent Mosquitoes

Do you know how to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your backyard? The fastest, easiest, and surprisingly, most affordable method is by working with a professional pest service. Call in specialists who will put their expertise to work for the sake of your safety and comfort. It’s amazing, by how much you will save by not trying to handle this problem yourself.

Follow these tips on how to prevent mosquitoes from flooding your home:

1. Call a professional pest control company to assess your property.

You’ll be surprised by the report. Because the pros service homes for mosquitoes regularly, they’ve already learned where the secret hiding spots are. They already know where mosquitoes cause the most problems, and they know how to prevent that from happening. Investing in a single visit can save you a summer full of annoyance and wasted attempts at handling a mosquito infestation yourself.

2. Drain pooling water sources.

You can handle some tasks yourself, though they’re more efficient with some help from the professionals. For instance, continually draining water from problem areas around your yard cuts down on the number of places the bugs will have to lay eggs. Water pools in the most curious places, from the recesses in children’s toys to the cracks in your patio border. Your service provider can help you locate these places and show you how to remove this water before it stagnates, effectively preventing mosquitoes from propagating.

3. Treat areas with chronic water problems.

Treatments can be applied to areas around your home where water regularly collects and is difficult to drain away. By the end of the summer, the clay-based soil in Georgia is often tamped down enough for common rainstorms to create a swimming pool on the lawn. Mosquito development can be stopped by these treatments, keeping your yard from becoming a jungle of insects.

4. Protect water features while keeping insects at bay.

Water features are among the most beautiful landscaping elements you can add to your home. They tease the senses, from the sound of falling water to the sight of droplets cascading past illuminated spouts, but they can also be an issue due to bugs. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, so a working fountain likely won’t be an issue, but design elements can create opportunities for water to collect, and bad filters can make tranquility pools and koi ponds a prime target. You can work with your pest specialists to ensure lasting use of your outdoor design while keeping pest populations down.

Call in the professionals and learn how to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your yard. North Fulton Pest Solutions has the resources every Atlanta homeowner needs for a buzz-free summer. Call us at 770-475-7419 for a free quote and to learn how to prevent mosquito infestations.