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How to Mosquito-proof Your Backyard

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Atlanta mosquito control specialists, North Fulton Pest Solutions, have had plenty of encounters with mosquitoes, and there is nothing pleasant about these winged pests. Anything that flies around for the sole purpose of biting people and sucking their blood is definitely not worth keeping around. Add in the fact that many of these bugs carry nasty diseases like West Nile Virus and the problem becomes even more severe.

While people living in the far North may be immune to mosquito attacks (these bugs cannot live in cold weather), everyone else seems to have to battle their migrating swarms a few months out of the year. Fortunately, mosquito control in metro Atlanta is readily available from your professional mosquito control firm, North Fulton Pest Solutions.

Make Your Yard Unattractive to Mosquitoes

Once you know their habits and their preferred habitats, you can stay better protected. They love areas with standing water, but that does not just mean people living near ponds or lakes are at risk. For example, if your gutters are clogged the combination of dirty rainwater and outdoor debris will serve as a prime mosquito nesting spot. If you happen to notice an increased number of bugs near your home, this could very well be the reason why. It goes without saying then that keeping your gutters clean is one effective way to deter them. This is not the only vulnerable area of your yard though.

Defending Your Land Against the Mosquito Swarms

  • Get rid of all standing water: Did you know that mosquitoes can lay their eggs in droplets of water? Atlanta pest control experts, North Fulton Pest Control, have already discussed the importance of keeping gutters clear, but you should also make sure no others pools of water are present near your house. Don’t leave your garbage lid open or leave flower pots fully exposed, as these too will work just as well for egg laying.
  • Seek professional applications for trouble zones: If your property is in a low-lying area, the ground will likely accumulate more water. Since this is not something that can be avoided, especially during a rainstorm, calling upon a professional mosquito control firm will be your best option.

If you are experiencing problems with mosquitoes and need expert help, get in touch with NFPS today. Our pest control technicians serve the greater Atlanta area and know how to make your yard pest-free.