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Want to Know How to Kill Mosquitoes? Read This First

How to Kill MosquitoesBefore you learn how to kill mosquitoes fast, focus on prevention to avoid the problem in the first place. Keeping mosquitoes from invading your space protects you, your family, your guests and your pets from surprising risks. Plus, no method is quite as fast as killing mosquitoes in advance.

Here are just a few ways to avoid “skeeters” this summer:

Start professional mosquito control treatments ASAP.

That’s “as soon as possible,” continuing every month throughout fall, for many properties. Pest control specialists have access to green-friendly products capable of keeping mosquitoes from propagating on your property. This is as true for homeowners with tranquility pools as it is for those with rock gardens.

Georgia is infamous for long, hot, and wet summers; so, it’s usually no surprise mosquitoes thrive here. What many don’t know is that the state is home to a high number of different species—more than exist in most areas—so there are a variety of different products needed to handle them effectively. Consumer products used across the country often do a poor job of handling all the varieties found here; so, for comprehensive relief, talking with an expert is imperative.

Invest time in mosquito birth control methods.

Whether you’re cleaning up sources of stagnant water or adding product to the ground to disrupt larvae, you will prevent mosquitoes from swarming on your property by refusing to let them breed. Some of these are things you can do on your own—or you can encourage your neighbors to do them. Others will have to be handled by a professional. However, by investing your resources in mosquito breeding prevention, you won’t have to deal with killing hungry adults later.

Use natural repellents.

Some of the skeeter species in Georgia can fly up to three miles from where they’re born. That leaves a lot of potential for stragglers to show up unannounced. You have the ability to drive them away with repellents.

Catnip oil is one of the most potent natural repellents available. Mix catnip oil with a carrier oil and you can apply it to the skin, use it in candles or in essential oil diffusers around your property. Unfortunately, there are many natural remedies that don’t work, such as taking Vitamin B or eating garlic.

Killing mosquitoes fast

If you have a mosquito inside your house, and you can’t manage to hit it with a fly swatter or hand, consider spraying it with a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water. Alternatively, you can suck it up with a vacuum cleaner, and the pressure should put an early end to the bug.

Call in the professionals and learn how to kill mosquitoes in seconds. North Fulton Pest Solutions has the resources every Atlanta homeowner needs for a buzz-free summer. If you are wondering how to kill mosquitoes, call 770-475-7419 for a free quote from our friendly pros at North Fulton Pest Solutions.