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How to Get Rid of Spiders Without Standing on a Chair

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Discover how to get rid of spiders without having to scream. The easiest and fastest solution is calling in professional pest control specialists like the experts at North Fulton Pest Solutions. Our trained technicians know how to quickly locate and identify the spiders on your property. Once you know what type of spider you’re dealing with, we can put methods in place to help rid your home of spiders and keep them gone.

Have a Professional Assess Your Risks

Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, is so common a movie was made on the subject. It makes sense to call in the professionals if your ick factor is out of control. Being able to actively reduce the food source of spiders on your property plays a big role in reducing the problem.

It’s important to remember that while most spiders aren’t necessarily harmful, some are! Several varieties of common indoor spiders deliver painful bites, and in Georgia, we have a few venomous spiders capable of making you sick. Unfortunately, spider identification is tricky for the average homeowner, even more so when phobias are at play. A trained pest professional will leave no doubts in regards to whether you are at risk.

Minimize Your Home’s Appeal to Spiders and Other Pests

While searching for spiders in your home, a professional pest control specialist will also point out risks around your home. Leaks and areas suffering from excess moisture attract all kinds of bugs, while stored cardboard and similar materials are perfect homes for eight-legged pests.

Homeowners don’t often think about the side-effects of dealing with pest infestations, but from cockroaches to May flays, having insects on your property is a sure way to attract more spiders. Do what you can to minimize bugs in or around your home. If sanitation isn’t an issue, a professional pest control specialist will help you determine why your property is a hotbed for bug activity. Spiders can even be drawn indoors due to exterior lights attracting moths and flies to your yard.

Stay on Top of Spider Removal

Vacuuming all on its own can go a long way to keep spiders off your property. Using various attachments, you can remove webbing, eggs and even individual specimens from nooks and crannies around your home. Areas underneath beds, in the corners of closets and in and around storage are popular places for spiders to hide. Vacuum and then immediately remove the vacuum bag or debris bin, and store the content outside, away from your house.

If left ignored, spider populations can quickly grow out of control. Just because they are rarely seen doesn’t mean spiders are solitary. In fact, if you’re witnessing more of them than usual, that’s a good sign the situation already requires the help of an expert. Professionals can find and remove large quantities of spiders reducing the risk of being bitten, so don’t hesitate to call if you’re facing a problem.

Asking for help in situations where you’re unsure of the risk or you’re simply too uncomfortable to effectively deal with it is nothing to be ashamed of. These situations explain why we exist. Hiring the pros will lead to faster – and often cheaper – resolutions than learning how to get rid of spiders by yourself. Call North Fulton Pest Solutions today to reclaim your home. Dial 770-475-7419 for your free quote.