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Do You Have Summer Pests? How to Get Rid of Bugs in the House

bugs in the house alpharettaIt’s always unsettling to find bugs in the house, but they can be cleared up quickly with help from the pros. In the meantime, you can get started on plans to keep them gone. Bugs are attracted to a handful of things. Drive them away by clearing these items out of your home.

Check out the following issues that can lead to pests taking over your house:

Water leaks and wet basements will draw pests in like a beacon.

In a climate like Atlanta’s, it’s very difficult to keep indoor moisture down. Several companies make basement or whole-home dehumidifiers you can use to lower indoor humidity. Doing so should greatly reduce the number of insects that come into your house. Let moisture build up, and you’ll be dealing with a real problem. Water is the foundation of life for all living things; so, don’t be surprised when your perma-wet basement winds up filled with centipedes and earwigs. It’s essential to fix any leaking pipes, replace poorly performing sump pumps, and dry up moist indoor air to keep your home free from bugs.

Clutter provides spiders and other bugs with plenty of places to get warm and hide.

Messy homes or storage areas often suffer from a certain type of pest, and they can be the most dangerous. Spiders—especially black widows and brown recluse spiders—like to hide. Packing boxes, stacks of old clothes and other materials provide the perfect nesting ground for a spider infestation. You have a responsibility to keep your home picked up and organized for not only the sake of yourself and family, but your neighbors too. Infestations that build up on your property can spread to homes close to you.

Compostable matter will attract pests to your home and keep them there.

Crumbs and spills in the kitchen happen, but they’ll attract ants and flies to your home. Did you realize though that they aren’t the only types of compostable matter to watch out for? Clippings, actual compost bins, and even dirty diaper pails can pose bug problems. Something as innocent as forgetting to wash out your garbage can will lead to fruit flies propagating, so make sure to take care of these issues as quickly as possible. Not only will you stave off insects, but your home will be exceptionally clean.

Professionals have access to solutions homeowners only dream about.

A walk through the grocery store will uncover a high demand for DIY pest control products, but read the labels carefully. Often, these items are packaged as supplemental items and aren’t expected to clear up a problem. For that, you need to work with the pros. The good news? It’s usually a lot less expensive than people assume. You can often have a company visit your home and assess your needs for free, and if you’re signed up for a maintenance plan, your monthly or quarterly costs can be surprisingly affordable.

Call in the professionals and learn how to kick bugs in the house out for good. North Fulton Pest Solutions effectively treats homes throughout the Atlanta area. Call us at 770-475-7419 for a free quote to deal with bugs in the house.

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