How to Eliminate Ants alpharettaLearning how to eliminate ants can be complicated, especially in Georgia where there are so many types that infiltrate our homes and property. Because it doesn’t get especially cold here, they also don’t get a chance to die off; meaning colonies stay strong sometimes for decades. There’s no question, professional assistance is needed to manage these pests.

Have you seen ants? Here are just a few reasons to call a trusted pro today:

Home remedies for ant control don’t work for infestations.

Old Wives’ Tales abound on how to control ants—from wood-damaging carpenter ants to stinging fire ants—but they rarely work for long. Spreading cayenne pepper across your stoop may keep them away for an afternoon, but it’s not because they hate pepper (or salt or corn meal or whatever solution you’re using). They’ve just lost track of their scent.

Ants leave pheromone trails for their brethren to follow in their endless charge for finding new food. Cover or wash away the trail and they won’t be able to follow it back to your home, but if there is a colony in the area, they will return. However, there are a few things you can do to make your home less attractive to ants. Keep foods covered and clean vigorously with soap and water. Even crumbs and small spills can act as beacons to common Georgia pests.

Consumer baits and repellents rarely work.

Ants survive because of their fine-tuned sense of smell. Repellents rely on smell to force ants away from your property, but because they are also very small—and adept at finding ways around obstacles—ants will often work their way around a repellent stream. Baits available to homeowners pose a different concern. While worker ants who gather the bait may be killed on the way back to the colony, chances are the baits won’t last long enough to come into contact with larvae or the colony queen.

Ants can damage property and pose health, comfort and safety concerns.

Carpenter ants chew apart wood, damaging your structures and potentially making them unstable. Fire ants deliver a powerfully painful bite. Odorous house ants make your home smell and can contaminate your food supplies. You have plenty of reasons to fight.

These pests are both pesky and persistent, so dealing with experts is essential. Trained pest control operators have both the resources and knowledge to tackle infestations head on. For starters, they’ll be able to identify the types of ants you’re dealing with and locate their colony for easy treatment.

Contact the pest control experts and learn how to eliminate ants right away. North Fulton Pest Solutions can deliver a quote customized to the services your property needs. If you are wondering how to eliminate ants, call 770-475-7419 to get started with a solid plan.

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