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Pest Control

How to Deal with Biting Insects

Can you count how many times you have been bit by a bug? It may be an odd question, but chances are it has been a lot. This topic maybe weighing heavily on your mind, as this is the time of year when most people have many unfortunate encounters with insects of all kinds. Spending more time outdoors also means being exposed to a whole manner of pests, particularly those that like to inflict wounds and nibble on us humans. Whether for defensive or feeding purposes, these encounters are far from enjoyable. Not only do bites lead to irritated skin that can be itchy and painful, it can also translate into far worse conditions for certain people who are more susceptible.

Bug Bites: More than just a Nuisance

Before you shrug such instances off as trivial, just remember that over half a million people are hospitalized annually as a result of allergic reactions. If you are prone to an outbreak and lack access to medical care, for example when camping in a remote area, what may seem insignificant as a tiny sting can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. From ticks to fleas to mosquitoes, knowing what to do to prevent contact with these insects is key information everybody should know. It only takes a single bite for disaster to strike, so you should never be unprepared.

How to Avoid Bites

  • Make your lawn uninhabitable and unfavorable: Contrary to popular belief, ticks don’t just stay in trees. They may be small, but they can crawl through grass and eventually to your home if not kept away. If you live near a wooded area or have a lot of trees, maintain a tidy landscaped area in order to reduce population numbers near the structure.
  • Avoid the puddles: Since mosquitoes swarm near areas with standing water, make sure there are none on your property either. This means keeping your gutters clean, as clogs cause water to back up, and covering pools.
  • Maintain professional pest control applications around your house: This, in combination with an Integrated Pest Management Program, is the best way to keep all types of biting insects away. Choose a reputable professional pest control company to do the job. They will be able to pinpoint the trouble areas and treat them accordingly.
  • **Set up yard “torches” and wear light colored clothing when possible:**the smoke put off by the torches is excellent for deterring mosquitoes, and most bugs are attracted to dark colors. Wearing lighter shades at peak times (dawn and dusk) can help minimize encounters.

For maximum indoor and outdoor coverage, your best bet is to contact a professional Atlanta pest control firm, who can design an Integrated Pest Management program tailored to meet the needs of the specific pest pressures at hand.