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The Secret’s Out! The Mystery of How to Control Insects Has Been Solved

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How to Control InsectsLearning how to control insects takes time, patience and quite a bit of education on the job. Before you decide to go at it on your own, consider the secrets the professionals already know. You’ll be surprised and relieved to have such fast and affordable relief at hand.

Consider the following surprises involved in pest management:

Half of pest control boils down to understanding insect development.

This is where pest management professionals really have a leg up over the average homeowner. They’re trained in how often common bugs reproduce, how many live together in groups and why certain pesticides work better than others depending on species.

Homeowners don’t have the time—and rarely have the inclination—to figure these facts out for themselves. Because they don’t understand how insects behave, any solutions homeowners try are immediately more likely to fail.

The other half relies on professional-grade pesticides and effective application techniques.

Homeowners can’t purchase the professional-grade solutions professionals use every day. There are many reasons why. Companies want to protect the reputation of their products, so they often limit their clients to professionals who will best know how to control insects with them. You can’t achieve a 90 percent success rate when half of your customers are using your product in the wrong way.

Straight away, this means many of the products you’re able to purchase in the store are not as effective. Not only will they struggle to keep insects under control, consumer products typically require repeat applications. This drives up the cost of DIY pest care to unreasonable levels.

Professional pest care is often your less expensive option.

Did you know that many consumer pest products are labeled for supplementary use? Right on the products, manufacturers let customers know they aren’t buying a permanent or stand alone solution. In contrast, pest control pros go the extra mile to prove how quickly and thoroughly they can manage insect issues.

Over the span of a year, DIYers may invest far more in products they can’t rely on to create a bug-free environment. Before trying to find out how to control insects on your own, ask a trusted, local pest control company—like North Fulton Pest Solutions—for a free quote.

Professionals offer you affordable, convenient prevention.

Consumer pest products act as temporary fixes to pest problems. Professionals have a variety of preventive treatments available to keep a wide range of insects from infesting your home to begin with.

Atlanta property owners know the tremendous expense of termites; they know the health dangers associated with cockroaches and the structural and physical damages associated with area ants. Unfortunately, because of Georgia’s wet and warm climate, these pests are bigger risks here. Investing in preventive treatments makes financial sense.

What’s the biggest secret in effective pest management? Hire the right people for the job.

North Fulton Pest Solutions knows how to control insects of all kinds. Request your free quote today, and prepare to write off your infestation worries. Call 770-475-7419 to get professional help for how to control insects.