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How Georgia Weather Affects Pest Infestations

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Georgia has a diverse climate. In the summer it can be a sweltering, humid place to live and in the winter it can become bitterly cold. With the weather changes come certain seasonal bugs that can damage lawns, bite people, and at times make you very uncomfortable. Atlanta pest control pros work hard all year long to eradicate and control bugs that can damage crops, homes, and often sting or bite.

Warm Weather Insects

When the weather gets warm there are several types of bugs that start buzzing around. For instance, in early summer, Japanese beetles begin their infestation. These beetles are hungry and can cause widespread damage, particularly to crepe myrtle, cherries, roses, and fruit or ornamental trees.

While some insects, like mosquitoes and fleas, are common annoyances, Kudzu bugs are a relatively new problem for Georgia homeowners. First seen in Georgia in 2009, Kudzu bugs can raise a stink. When squashed theses small brown pests emit a foul odor. However, usually after about a month of infestation they will nestle into a Kudzu plant patch.

In order to properly take care of all these insect invaders, ask the Atlanta wildlife control professionals at North Fulton Pest Solutions for tips on how to handle warm weather bug infestations.

Rainy Weather Infestations

Rainy weather also creates optimal conditions for many insects. For instance, pools of stagnant water, creeks, and rivers are a great place for a mosquito to lay its eggs, which then only take as little five days to hatch and swarm. One of the dangers of mosquito infestations is that they can spread several diseases, like West Nile Virus, which can be extremely dangerous, especially for children and the elderly.

Another nuisance in rainy conditions are ants. They can be driven into your home once their colony becomes saturated by summer rains. Make sure to find a professional firm that specializes in pest control in Atlanta to inspect your home and make sure it’s sealed up tight before or during rainy seasons.

Cold Weather Bugs

As the weather cools down, there are many species of insect that try to hibernate in your home as they wait for warmer weather. Some of these include ladybird beetles, stink bugs, the western conifer seed bug, and the boxelder bug. Also, Asian ladybugs can infest your home by the thousands, which is another reason why it’s important to make sure that cracks and crevices outside your home are sealed.

Another concern as fall changes to winter are yellow jackets. During the fall, the queens emerge to mate and find their winter home. The wasps venture out much more during this season and can become a serious problem. If you find that you have a yellow jacket infestation in or near your home, it is best to contact Atlanta pest control specialists at North Fulton Pest Solutions to get rid of them.

While some infestations throughout the year may only be a minor disturbance, some insects can cause damage to your property or worse. If you are concerned about possible insect nesting call North Fulton Pest Solutions. Their pest pros can evaluate and take care of infestations.