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Has the Dog Got the Itches? Why It’s Time for Household Flea Control

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household flea control AtlantaPrevention is key for household flea control, but if you find a bug in your yard or in your home, be prepared to act fast. The most effective method of control is a one-two combo that starts with your pet and ends with your property. Unfortunately, the fleas you see are likely five percent or less of what is really present, but with just a few simple steps, you’ll be pest-free in no time.

Take the following steps at the first sign of a flea infestation:

Take a trip to the vet.

The vet has several options for treating your pet for a flea infestation. If there are many fleas present, a dip is one of the most effective treatments, and it has immediate results. In just minutes, your furry friend will be bug-free and able to go back home. Typically, flea dips aren’t that expensive either, making follow-up treatments extra affordable.

Your vet may also recommend a preventative measure, usually a liquid applied between a dog or cat’s shoulders, to kill any fleas that might bite your pet. These are extremely helpful because they last roughly 30 days, giving you more than enough time to treat your house and lawn.

Call a pest control specialist.

Because fleas are so invasive and propagate so quickly, it’s advisable to skip the DIY products and go straight to a professional. You’re likely to save money, and you’ll be flea-free in a much shorter time. Flea control consists of applications to your home and your yard.

Thoroughly clean your home.

Fleas, more than any other pest, require very little to sustain themselves between feedings. They can survive in the seams of bedsheets, in the spaces between walls and molding and can completely take over a couch or carpet. Your pest control company might be able to help you with cleaning tips, but your best bet is combining cleaning measures with professional applications.

Why You Shouldn’t Flea Bomb Your House

Though flea bombs can be effective short-term, they also leave a film on everything you touch. Professional applications are much more specific. They’re precise placement maximizes their impact and minimizes your risks. Plus, you won’t have to do them over and over again only to wind up disappointed.

Bug bombs are an easy way for companies to make money because they offer ultra-affordable, but temporary, relief. Put an end to your problems instead of postponing them by calling on the experts to sort things out.

Get on top of household flea control with help from North Fulton Pest Solutions. Don’t risk letting these biting pests take over your home. Call 770-475-7419 for a free quote today and maximize your household flea control.