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3 Unbelievable Reasons People Call on Home Pest Control Service

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Calling a home pest control service is often a last resort for homeowners who have tried – and failed – to get an infestation under control. Unfortunately, some people wait too long, while others waste no time at all. It is in your best interest to call a pest control specialist as soon as you know you have a problem. Often it saves more money than attempting to rid your home of unwelcome guests on your own.

Consider these true stories the next time you notice pests in your home. Then think about calling a home pest control service.

Buggy BBQ

One mom and dad called in the professionals before their daughter’s graduation party. The family intended on hosting a barbeque in their backyard for friends and family, but mosquitoes were already overtaking their yard. The parents didn’t believe citronella candles would provide enough protection for their guests. The bug zapping products available were expensive and questionable in performance. Foggers posed safety risks, so the couple decided to reach out to bug experts.

Surprisingly, top-performing pest companies can provide relief from mosquitoes, fleas and other insects most often found in the yard. From identifying problem areas responsible for mosquito breeding to putting methods in place to drive the bugs away from your yard, North Fulton Pest Solutions will help you enjoy more of your property throughout more of the year, and you don’t have to wait for a special occasion.

Rowdy Arachnids

When a young mom ran into five spiders in the attic, she was shocked to find them scurrying toward her instead of away. It wasn’t long before she was catching 30 of them a day. She worried about them scaring and possibly biting her children. Then her husband was bit and her worry turned into fear. The site of the bite quickly deteriorated, leaving a pit in his skin, accompanied by flu-like symptoms. The couple discovered the spiders were a venomous species known to live in the Northwest. Unfortunately, in recent years, hobo spiders have made their way to Georgia and Florida as well.

Whenever you’re dealing a spider infestation it helps to call in the professionals. However, it’s essential when you have a venomous or aggressive species. That’s especially true for homes with young children. We can remove spiders from your home and treat your property to help them stay away for good.

Treacherous Termites

The worst stories come from families who’ve taken the necessary steps to protect themselves and their property only to learn they’ve been conned. Two Atlanta-area families risked losing their homes after a nationwide pest control provider fibbed their way through inspections and preventive treatments. Dr. Neil and Mary Beth Meyers had no idea their home was crumbling underneath their feet. They didn’t start looking into potential termite damage until the floor started caving in.

Alan Jackson was in the same boat a few years ago. After hiring someone to replace his porch, imagine his surprise by reports of massive termite damage. His home was secretly unfit to live in. Again, a national company claimed to have performed inspections during times when the home – including the crawlspace noted to be clear and free of termite activity – was locked.

Sometimes bigger is not always better. If you’ve been working with a major termite prevention company for years, but you don’t remember the last time you saw someone checking things out, it might be time to schedule an inspection with someone else.

North Fulton Pest Solutions is a locally owned and operated home pest control service company, providing insect relief and wildlife removal. We aim for affordable methods with long-lasting results for all of your pest problems. Call us today at 770-475-7419 for professional home pest control service.