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Pest Control

Three Important Facts About Home Pest Control Products

Home pest control products can be effective at ridding your home of annoying little bugs like ants and spiders – but some can be downright dangerous if you use them incorrectly! How do you know the proper way to use them, and how to stay protected? Or how do you know if it’s toxic? There are some very important things you need to know before you run off and start spraying everything that crawls.

There are three very important facts you need to know about home pest control products, if you insist on using them:

  1. Never use a product for anything other than its intended use! In short, follow the directions for use and all precautions precisely as they appear on the label! This includes ensuring the product selected is labeled for used for the target pest you wish to control. Misapplication can actually make pest infestations worse and more difficult to correct in the long run and place the applicator and others in potentially hazardous situations.
  2. If you are ever exposed or get pesticides on yourself or clothing during a do-it-yourself pest control application, refer to the label and all supporting documentation for first aid and clean-up procedures. This information is often found within the label guidance itself or in a separate document referred to as the Material Safety Data Sheet/Safety Data Sheet or MSDS/SDS for short. As always, call poison control to make sure you don’t need to seek professional medical attention.
  3. Always dispose of pesticides properly! Don’t pour them out in the yard, streams, or drains. You could contaminate and harm surrounding areas. Most communities have some kind of hazardous material disposal service; check with your local city hall or township for more information.

Prevention may be the easier track to take when it comes to home pest control solutions. Here are some tips you can follow to defend your home:

  1. Trim branches and shrubs that touch your home. Make sure mulch does not touch your home’s foundation.
  2. Repair any cracks, breaches, or rips in your home’s doorways, window frames, and window screens.
  3. Fix cracks in your home’s exterior. Check the foundation, the siding, the roof, and any entrance points for utilities.
  4. Keep it clean. Make sure you dispose of litter, standing water, weeds, and lawn clippings.

Many homeowners, especially those with small children, pets, or elderly family members choose to leave the extermination to the experts – a smart choice. The dangers associated with improper use and application of home pest control products, in addition to the hassle of applying it yourself (and possibility of not doing it effectively) makes this one task that’s best left to the professionals.

There you have it, three important facts and four tips to remember about home pest control and prevention. The best and most responsible bet is to leave pest control to the pros. Give North Fulton Pest Solutions a call at 770-475-7419.