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The Most Common Misconceptions About Home Bug Control

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Homeowners often make assumptions about home bug control instead of seeking reliable information. Common misconceptions prolong pest problems, leading to wasted money, home damage, and sometimes illness. Before you make any decisions regarding your pest control plan, make sure you’re up to date on what’s really available.

For instance, the following misconceptions sometimes keep people from getting the help they deserve:

Home bug control is a luxury.

Homeowners in other parts of the country may see pest control as a luxury. Like maid service, it’s though of as an unnecessary expense because they feel homeowners could manage the task themselves. If you’ve lived in the Atlanta area for any length of time, however, you understand how wrong this is.

We have more bugs here than most of the US, and they all want into your house. Consumer products aren’t capable of putting up a strong enough defense against this onslaught of insects. Typically speaking, homeowners here need professional pest prevention if they want to stay free of termites, cockroaches and other nuisances.

Pest control is too expensive.

This is one of the most frustrating myths associated with home maintenance. It’s expensive to have termites eat through your foundation. It’s expensive to bomb for fleas every month, not to mention bad for your health! In comparison, it’s pretty affordable to invest in prevention against the most common insects in our area. In fact, the cost is so low, reputable companies like North Fulton Pest Solutions are eager to provide free treatment estimates to all interested property owners. Don’t assume the worst. Find out for yourself how much it will cost to have your pest issues managed by the experts.

Pesticides are too dangerous.

In the hands of the wrong person, a pesticide can be a major threat. That’s exactly why so many consumer products are too weak to make a difference and also why professionals go through so much education and training before they’re allowed to get to work. Career pest control specialists are highly skilled and have the appropriate tools to use potent solutions. It’s a much bigger gamble to go without and leave your home and family vulnerable to the pain, fear and illness invasive insects and wildlife can create.

Insect problems eventually go away on their own.

Of all the assumptions people make about home bug control, this one is the worst because it lands them in serious trouble. Whether you’re dealing with fleas, cockroaches or termites, they’re not going to disappear just because it gets cold outside. Even flying, stinging insects can overwinter in our mild climate. Worse, the more time you waste while waiting for a solution to present itself, the more your home and potentially, your health is damaged.

Forget what you think you know about home bug control, and find out straight from the source. Contact North Fulton Pest Solutions for a consultation today at 770-475-7419 or for a free service quote for professional home bug control.