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Wildlife Control

The Insiders Guide To Squirrel Control

ground squirrel control johns creekThere’s a reason squirrel control services are in high demand in Georgia. Squirrels are one of the most common mammals living in our area. They are easily adaptable to different environments and can find places to climb and make homes nearly anywhere.

Squirrels will eat any food they find easily available – including the contents of your bird feeder! They’ll also eat fresh greens and some fruit.

If a squirrel decides your residence or property is a nice place to live, you have reason to be wary. You may have more than a few scampering and chattering squirrels to deal with before long, as squirrels are speedy reproducers. On average, half of a female’s offspring survive – and most females bear up to fifteen kits at a time.

Squirrel Control Problems

Here are just a few ways squirrels can cause big problems for your building, residence, or property:

  • Squirrels often take over attics causing multiple damages to the building including chewing through wires, which can cause fires. They also chew through and displace insulation and their feces and urine can build up over time causing stains, moisture damage, and odors.
  • Chew through sprinkler systems.
  • Burrowing can cause landscape damage, multiple ground holes, and tripping dangers.

Squirrel Control Solutions

Some helpful tips for squirrel problem prevention are:

  • Consider using traps. Traps may be purchased from feed stores, some garden supply stores, or even some sporting good stores. Bait then with peanut butter, cereal with oats and grains, and bits of granola bars. Place traps in your attic where the heaviest amounts of activity are apparent. Excluder “traps” are available for purchase, but it is important to note that all other entry points should be eliminated when using excluder “traps” or one way doors in order to deny squirrels re-entry into the attic.
  • Trim limbs or other vegetation, which allows access to the structure, back.
  • Use “squirrel safe” bird feeders designed to keep squirrels out. This will minimize their attraction to your property.
  • Contact a professional wildlife control firm with licensed trappers to cont only remove squirrels from your structure but also prevent them from re-entering by sealing all entry points through a process known as wildlife exclusion.

Controlling squirrels is not an easy task. They are likely to re-invade over time if the entry points to a home or structure are not sealed… It is wise to check for signs of re-infestation or re-population periodically. For a helpful conversation and a free estimate on ground squirrel control, contact the pros at North Fulton Pest Solutions. Give us a call at(770) 475-7419 to get help right away.