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Pest Control

Getting Rid of Pests in the Fall

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Aside from the gorgeous weather this time of year, a lot of people are happy it is fall for the basic fact that some bugs are starting to disappear… or so it seems. Sensing the seasonal changes, many outdoor pests are seeking refuge in the ground or perhaps in your home! Be prepared, as the natural cycle means eggs will be hatching come spring time.

By preparing for the swarms of bugs that are destined to come now, you can minimize their numbers and adequately defend your property when that time does arrive. A few last minute tasks will save a lot of hassle next year and will give you the upper edge in the battle against the bugs!

Autumn Pest Control Tips

  • Remove all weeds in your garden and in the nearby vicinity; this is something you will need to do regardless (unless you want your yard looking like a jungle), but the benefit of weeding in fall means you are getting rid of potential shelter for pests. In addition to providing protection from the elements, vegetation also serves as a plentiful food source for many bugs. Leaving weeds alone is pretty much giving them the fuel they need to make your life a living you know what!
  • Toss out dead crops and plant material; this goes along with the first point, but is of more importance for homeowners who grow produce in their gardens. Make it a routine habit to throw away diseased or dead crops after harvest, and you will not have to deal with the consequences later on.
  • Till the soil; plenty of bug species tend to burrow in the ground before winter arrives, which is why you should thoroughly till up the garden bed as soon as possible. Two things are bound to happen when you mix up the soil. The first is that a lot of the hibernating pests will be forced deeper into the ground, so much so that most will be unable to surface in the spring time. You will literally be digging their grave! For those that manage to escape the soil commotion, they will have no choice but to come to the surface early, and will soon freeze. Either way, tilling is extremely effective for destroying unruly pests.

Other ways to stop the bugs in their tracks is to maintain the health of your garden plants. Aphids and other common pests are naturally attracted to sick vegetation, so remember to take regular soil samples and adjust the pH level accordingly.