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Why is Getting Rid of Ants So Hard?

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Getting rid of ants allows you to keep your indoor environment clean and keep your yard comfortable. Unfortunately, they’re a huge problem in Georgia, even in homes that are spic and span. Pest control plans help homeowners keep these intruders where they belong, but there are factors outside of your control which may make your struggle harder.

Consider all the reasons ants are a natural problem for Georgia homeowners:

There are tons of ants in Georgia.

In areas with a handful of species of ants, it’s probably not as hard to keep them at bay. In Georgia? You have 173 species from 39 genera and 8 subfamilies. That’s a lot of ants! There are more types of ants than most other living things, and Georgia is home to many of them. In contrast, there is just one species of human—homo sapien.

Ant or human—we all love sweets.

Ants are attracted to sweets of all kinds, and modern Americans put sugar in everything. From bread crumbs and bacon bits to coffee stains, every single spec of food you leave behind is like a beacon to worker ants who are dedicated to gathering the food needed for their colony to survive. If you’re having problems with ants coming indoors, you may need to get into the habit of wiping everything down with a vinegar wash. The smell dries clean for humans, but is a powerful deterrent in the ant kingdom.

We’re leaving the doors wide open.

We don’t think of our property as full of holes, but ants readily show us this is quite often the case. Most aren’t getting in through open doors and windows we people use. Instead, they get in through miniscule gaps in caulking around windows or next to door frames. To ants, we’re ushering them right inside, so when you see them in your home, try to trace them back to where they’ve entered. Seal the gap, and then wash away the trail from the outside with boiling water.

Incorporate professional pest control product applications to eliminate ants.

Bait is a popular and preferred method for fighting ant infestations because when accepted the workers will take the treatment back to the colony and stop it at its source. It’s also not as messy as a liquid or aerosol application, and it doesn’t encourage the phenomenon of ant colony “budding” where one ant colony becomes two when a repellant product cuts off one portion of the colony from the other. The problem with many consumer products is how fast the bait takes effect. Often, it’s not slow enough to allow the worker to make it back to the colony. A professional can help you identify these problems and solve them quickly in order to enjoy a comfortable home free of pests.

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