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Do I Really Need to Call a Pest Control Company to Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

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Atlanta homeowners go through the same cycle every year in an attempt to get rid of mosquitoes on their property. We buy a fresh batch of bug spray and citronella products each spring. We try to schedule outdoor events to conclude before dusk, when the mosquitoes tend to get really bad. In a desperate attempt to make their back yards bearable, some people even buy mosquito foggers at the hardware store. Unfortunately, all of these attempts at mosquito control only provide brief periods of relief.

You may wonder if a pest control company can help you get rid of mosquitoes more effectively. There are some products available to professionals that can have a more lasting effect than hardware store solutions. Pest control experts also know more about mosquito breeding habits. They also know what areas of a property to treat for best results. Keep reading to learn what a pest control company can do to help you get rid of mosquitoes.

What the Pros Know about Mosquito Control

Pest control pros know that to really get rid of mosquito populations, eliminating the adult bugs is only the first step. A pest control company should always apply an adulticide to get rid of mature mosquitoes. The best mosquito control companies will also incorporate a synergist to make adult mosquitoes more susceptible to the adulticide product as will as insect growth regulator to interrupt the reproduction cycle. A larvacide is also crucial to good long-term relief. A larvacide product will prevent the next generation of mosquitoes from hatching and developing into biting, buzzing, blood-sucking mosquitoes.

However, an honest pest control company will also tell you that unless you own and treat many surrounding acres of property, mosquitoes will probably fly into your yard from your neighbors’ yards. If you can convince all of your neighbors to get their property treated too, all of you may enjoy better results and reduced mosquito populations. We just want you to be prepared for the reality that even a professional mosquito treatment plan can only go so far as the boundaries of your property line.

On the other hand, the products and methods that a pest control professional uses will be more effective than citronella candles and bug spray. Instead of repelling mosquitoes and forcing them into your neighbors’ yards, a good pest control company will completely eliminate scores of these little nuisances. As far as your neighbors are concerned, hiring an expert is a more responsible way to approach mosquito control.

A Local Mosquito Solution

North Fulton Pest Solutions has been helping Atlanta homeowners control their mosquitoes for 47 years. Our technicians are your neighbors, and we all feel your pain. Playing with your kids and barbecuing with the neighbors doesn’t have to end with a Calamine bath. If you are tired of the same old cycle of failed mosquito control, put down the Benadryl, we can help. Call North Fulton Pest Solutions at 770-475-7419 to schedule an appointment to get rid of your mosquitoes this spring.