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How to Get Rid of House Centipedes and Is It Really Necessary?

get rid of house centipedesThere is something quite disconcerting when you see a six, eight (or more!) legged creature skitter across your kitchen floor. In some areas, house centipedes are a real problem. While they do serve a purpose, eating other bothersome insects, most people don’t want them in their home, no matter how beneficial they are. Knowing how to get rid of house centipedes can give you a little peace of mind.

What are House Centipedes?

Centipedes are arthropods and are best identified by their flattened, elongated appearance and their many legs. House centipedes have 15 leg pairs. On adult females the length of the last pair of legs is almost twice the length of the body, making it look much larger than it actually is. Centipedes can reach up to six inches in length, but the house centipede is only about 1 to 1½ inches long. All centipedes do have poison glands, but smaller species, like the house centipede, are not able to do much damage if they bite someone.

Are House Centipedes Poisonous?

All centipedes are poisonous but most of them are not able to harm humans. The bite of a centipede can be painful and there may be some discomfort, but people who are allergic or overly sensitive to the venom may have a stronger reaction. In any case, most people prefer to get rid of house centipedes even if they have never been bitten.

Get Rid of House Centipedes

There is no single way to get rid of house centipedes. There are several steps that must be taken in order to ensure that you no longer have centipedes in your home. Eliminating harborage and food sources is an important step to take in getting rid of centipedes and preventing them from returning.

Your pest control professional can provide you with advice specific to your home and situation, but for the most part, you should seal any crevices or cracks in your concrete slab and block walls to seal any access points into your home. Sump pumps should be covered and sealed, and screens should be installed for floor drains in the basement. This will keep the centipedes from entering.

With the help of your pest control professional, lay out monitors, or glue traps. This will not only help you catch centipedes in your home, they will also give you a good idea of what your centipedes are eating. Your technician can work with you to create a pest control treatment plan for your home and property that will help you get centipedes out of your home and keep them out.

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