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A Great Example of Flying Insect Pest Control: Carpenter Bees

general pest control alpharettaGeneral pest control companies like North Fulton Pest Solutions help manage or eliminate various types of pests that are detrimental to people’s health or homes, or that are generally considered a nuisance. One type of pest that general pest control companies are commonly called upon to handle is the carpenter bee.

Carpenter bees are shaped like big bumblebees but are usually metallic black-blue but may have patches of lighter colors. The female carpenter bee uses her strong jaws to bore into wood to create a little nest to lay her eggs in; this is also the main reason why carpenter bees are considered a pest.

The good news about carpenter bees is that males cannot sting, and females rarely attack people. Still, the sight of a monstrous black bee buzzing your way can be unnerving, and knowing that they can create large holes in the wooden components of your home is extra incentive to get rid of them. Plus, woodpeckers have been known to create bigger holes in the wood in search of the bee larvae hiding in the tunnels. The bee’s holes can also facilitate further destruction by wood-decaying fungi or carpenter ants. Preventing and eliminating the bore holes is essential to protecting your home.

Because carpenter bees are considered beneficial insects due to their habit of pollinating flowers, prevention is the best medicine for carpenter bees around your home. Carpenter bees are less inclined to bore into the hardest types of wood, so if your home features oak, ash, or maple components, carpenter bees probably do not pose a great threat. If you have softer wood exposed on your home’s exterior, paint or varnish it regularly and after addressing carpenter bee populations (both adults and larva) fill empty carpenter bee bore holes with caulk to prevent them from being used again. If you can, eliminate other potential bore hole locations on your property, such as piles of firewood.

If you cannot seem to handle your carpenter bee population with these preventive measures, a general pest control company can help. Your pest control company will likely make applications to the area with an insecticide and may recommend multiple treatments, depending on your situation. However, it’s important to remember that liquid and/or dust applications for the control of carpenter bees are only part of the total solution. It is always important to seal bore holes after the carpenter bee populations have been effectively treated.

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