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The Advice You Need for Flying Insect Control from Pest Control Pros

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Flying insect control gets increasingly more important as the Georgia heat rises. The humidity is a huge factor too. Mosquitoes, for instance, love the sweltering conditions of summer in the South, and without a proven plan in place, your property could be overrun in no time with annoying, irritating, disease-spreading bugs. Swarming, stinging insects that are quick to attack should also be rooted out.

Check out advice from the pros on controlling these and other dangerous insects:

Schedule a property inspection.

During spring, many flying insects are busy laying eggs. Mosquitoes, for instance, lay eggs in areas of standing water. Hornets can build nests inside structures that by summer can hold hundreds. Identifying risks is essential in determining the best pest control plan for you.

Remove known risks.

Stagnant water is necessary for mosquitoes to lay eggs and for those eggs to hatch into larvae. They can be found in house gutters, ponds, even guest bathroom toilets that aren’t flushed regularly. It’s important to root out any still water sources and to introduce methods for keeping water active. Adding fish to ponds or refreshing bird bath water once a day are simple methods you can use to keep Georgia’s most common biting insect at bay.

Prevent further infestations.

Pesticides can go a long way in controlling harmful pests, but they’re not always the best or easiest way to solve a problem. For instance, you can dust a hornet nest with granules of insecticide or you can remove a nest and block off the area in which it was built. A professional can help you figure out ways to ward off future pests, including effective pre-emergent treatments for all kinds of flying pests.

Protect helpful insects.

Honeybees, sometimes called bumble bees (though they’re two different types of bees), are not a threat. They’re not aggressive; they rarely sting, and they don’t typically build hives near human homes. Honeybees are also an irreplaceable element in the pollination of plants everywhere. Whether it’s our food, or the food our favorite sources of protein rely on, honeybees are responsible for keeping plants growing and in doing this they keep the natural world in working order.

It’s essential to use products and methods which don’t target the honeybees in your environment and to use reasonable methods in removing or relocating problematic hives on your property. The right pest and wildlife management contractor will have no problem lending a hand.

North Fulton Pest Solutions has been in business for over 47 years. We’re familiar with all of the area’s invasive flying pests, and we’re able to tell them apart from beneficial bugs we’re better off relocating than exterminating. Get in touch the next time you need relief.

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