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You May Be Losing A Bigger Battle by Not Looking at Flea Pest Control

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flea pest controlA war may be raging and without flea pest control you may never know until it’s too late.

Why is flea pest control important? Because not only do fleas bite – they also lay eggs, annoy your pets, and can infest your home in no time. Once you’ve got a flea infestation, it can be tough to rid your home of these biting pests.

Flea Pest Control Is Good for Your Pets

If you’ve ever seen your pets scratching incessantly because of fleas, you know the misery these pests cause. It’s no wonder – if you could look at a flea close-up, you’d see a wingless, tiny spine-covered pest with a mouth that can bite hard enough to pierce skin. They are parasites that suck blood. They leave their eggs everywhere, feeding on organic debris (adult flea feces is a favorite). Flea eggs attach to everything you can imagine: rugs and carpet, bedding and upholstered furniture.

Other than seeing your pets scratching themselves like crazy, you’ll recognize a flea infestation by noticing “flea dirt” which is feces; it looks a bit like black pepper. You will likely also see the fleas crawling or jumping around on your pet’s skin, diving for cover if you try to remove them manually. Some pets are highly allergic to flea bites, and can become so irritated by them that they develop skin infections, sometimes even chewing their own fur or hair down to the skin.

The average cost of a vet visit and medication afterwards can be hundreds of dollars. Getting your house taken care of by a professional for fleas would cut the costs nearly in half. It’s the most logical choice for anyone with pets, especially if you’ve got more than one.

Fleas Don’t Stop at Biting Furry Children

Before you think the ills of flea activity are limited to your pets, think again. Fleas bite people, too, leaving bite marks that itch. Fleas are dirty, and the diseases or infections they can spread could be a lot more dangerous to a child than to a grown adult.

Fleas can’t actually live on people, partially because we don’t offer the furry cover our pets do. However, they aren’t particular about where they get the blood they feed on – if they can’t feast on your pet, you’re next in line.

For the peace and health of your pets – and your family – it’s important to keep fleas at bay. The most effective way to guard your home is to bring in flea pest control pros who can treat your home skillfully and responsibly so these little parasites can’t make themselves at home.

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