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Summer Isn’t Over! 5 Facts about Effective Mosquito Control

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Effective Mosquito ControlEffective mosquito control measures are needed into the fall months, as these biting bugs don’t truly die off until temperatures dip into the 40s. They may not die off even then. Female mosquitoes can go into hibernation and emerge in the spring ready to start feeding and breeding all over again. Control them now so you don’t have to worry about an April invasion!

These are the most important facts to know about controlling fall mosquitos:

Bug zappers do not work.

While they’re mesmerizing to watch—but really annoying to hear—bug zappers don’t effectively control mosquito populations. In fact, 99 percent of the insects killed by these devices are helpful or harmless to humans and may be important parts of the local ecosystem. Clean up your fall pest regimen by throwing these eyesores into the trash. Any electronic devices using sound waves to ward off insects can be tossed right along with them.

Store bought pesticides work for a very short while.

The foggers you’ll find on the store shelf may last for an afternoon, or at least for a few hours. Unfortunately, they wear off quickly, especially in windy or rainy weather and leave you vulnerable. Like many consumer pest products, they’re just too weak to do an adequate job of pest control.

Commercial applications work to control mosquitos at every stage of development.

North Fulton Pest Solutions uses a combination of strategic applications including adulticides, insect growth regulators, larvacides, and synergists to fight mosquitoes. These treatments last several weeks at a time. When used throughout an entire season, they help prevent hibernation of adults or their egg clusters, leaving you with fewer mosquitoes come springtime.

Goldfish and dragonflies are natural mosquito predators.

While commercial pest control companies may make larvacide applications to your water features or lawn, homeowners can release some natural protections of their own. One reason koi are so popular in backyard ponds is their propensity for mosquito eggs and larvae. Dragonflies, on the other hand, love to eat adult mosquitoes. They’re easy enough to buy online and harmless once released on your property.

Click this link to get a free quote from North Fulton Pest Solution for effective mosquito control this fall. Visit online or call 770-475-7419 for fast and affordable service. Our team of pest solution professionals is here to help you get on top of a mosquito infestation.