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Why Do I Have Earwigs in My Home?

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The earwig is a tiny insect (five to 25 mm, depending on the species), with a big reputation among Atlanta exterminators and within the insect world in general.

Legend has it that this insect owes its name to its preference for crawling inside people’s ears, settling in the brain and causing extreme pain and sometimes even madness. Although this urban legend has been repeatedly refuted by knowledgeable entomologists, the shiver-inducing image associated with earwigs has persisted.

Now, while they may not climb into people’s ears, earwigs do have pincers on the back of their abdomens, but other than inflicting a minor irritation, earwigs present no real danger to people. However, they are plant feeders and can cause considerable damage to your vegetation if you do not enlist help from specialists in pest control in Atlanta.

When the weather turns cold, earwigs burrow in the ground for the winter. Occasionally, they find their way inside houses, blown in with the leaves, soil and other plant debris, typically in the basement or garage. Like most insects, they prefer warm, damp crevices and once inside your home, they may settle in and never leave.

If you feel you have a problem with an earwig infestation, it is best to call our reputable and trusted pest control experts. North Fulton Pest Solutions has been offering Atlanta pest control services for more than 40 years. Our specialists have handled and solved just about every kind of insect and wildlife problem encountered by our customers. We are committed to continuing our service of excellence and living up to our reputation as one of the region’s premier pest control service providers.

If you need information about Atlanta wildlife control or have a concern about a possible pest infestation in your home, call the experts at North Fulton Pest Solutions. We can lay your fears to rest and provide you with a comfortable, pest-free home.