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Pest Control

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company

How many times have you tried to take care of a home project yourself with less-than-great results? Most of us think that by doing the work ourselves, we can save money and still end up with the results we were looking for. Many times, we end up spending more than it would have cost to hire a professional and wasted countless hours of valuable time. Pest control is one of those tasks best left to the professionals.

The Science of Pest Control

Pest control is a science and it takes specialized knowledge of the pests themselves, their breeding, eating and activity habits to even begin to understand what methods would work best to rid a home or business of their presence. Some pests can be eliminated with liquid or aerosol applications, some with baits and others with traps. Your Atlanta pest control company will also be aware of the different pests that are indigenous to your area.

Proper Use of Products

You should also take into consideration that many of the methods require products that can carry an amount of risk if not properly stored, applied and handled. It is never a good idea to have pest control products stored in or around your home or business because of possible accidently ingestion by children or pets.

The Dangers of DIY

Of course, you will find Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pest control products in any hardware store, but many are not as effective as professional mixtures. If these products are not handled properly or applied according to the specific directions, you and your family members could be unintentionally harmed. Before you attempt DIY pest control, call North Fulton Pest Solutions. We provide responsible and affordable pest control solutions to the Atlanta area.

Controlling pests in and around your home or business can be a daunting task if not approached properly with the right information and solutions. North Fulton Pest Solutions understands the challenges faced in the Atlanta area and our knowledge and expertise are invaluable when it comes to keeping your home or business safe from pests of all kinds.