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How Do the Best Pest Control Companies Deal with Carpenter Bees?

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Deal with Carpenter Bees Roswell GAAre you wondering how best to deal with carpenter bees? These large, lumbering bees can be a real nuisance when we try to spend time outside. You might also worry about your dogs or children getting stung when they are playing outside. One bit of good news is that only female carpenter bees can sting. This means there’s a fifty-fifty chance that a carpenter bee is even able to cause your family harm.

On the other hand, male carpenter bees are still involved in the process of reproducing another generation of carpenter bees. Therefore, you should consider it necessary to control all of the carpenter bees in your yard. There are lots of ways to approach the problem, but some methods work far better than others. Keep reading to learn how the best pest control companies deal with carpenter bees.

What Carpenter Bees Do to Your Home

Carpenter bees bore holes into wood. That hole is where the female lays eggs while the male aggressively buzzes at anyone walking by. Nature played a cruel trick on the male carpenter bee; although he is the sentinel of the nest, he has no stinger. Carpenter bees might bore their holes into the eaves of your house, or into your wooden shed, or simply into the logs in your wood pile. They aren’t picky. The female bee turns sideways in the hole and bores a little nursery hole, where an egg will hatch into a larva.

If you have attempted to deal with carpenter bees on your own, you know that simply smashing the adult bees has no long-term effect. Male adult carpenter bees are relatively easy to kill with a good swat, because they are large, slow-moving targets. Female bees that are still in their bored holes are sitting ducks, but when you eliminate the next generation of carpenter bees, that’s when you will see real results. The key to effectively deal with carpenter bees is to go after the larvae.

How to Eliminate the Carpenter Bee Larvae

The thing is carpenter bee larvae are fairly well protected in the holes their mother bores for them. Insecticides don’t always work on larvae, because the wood can absorb liquids before they reach the larvae. Instead, applying a powdered product like a pest control dust deep inside the bore holes will dry out the larvae before they can develop into adults.

It’s important to apply plenty of the dessicant as far into the bore hole as possible to ensure that the larvae will come into contact with the product when they hatch. Pest control dusts will eliminate the carpenter bee larvae by drying them out and preventing them from developing into adult carpenter bees.

To ensure you deal with carpenter bees effectively and without putting yourself in danger, call a pest control expert. At North Fulton Pest Solutions, we have the tools, products, and training that allow us to eliminate carpenter bees and other pests from your property. If it’s time to deal with a carpenter bee problem once and for all, call North Fulton Pest Solutions at 770-475-7419.