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Pest Control

Critters in the Attic

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Pesky critters creeping around the attic is an unpleasant thought. Beyond the obvious unpleasantness, critters in the attic can do damage that is costly, unsanitary, and potentially dangerous. Exposed insulation in your attic can be torn apart for nesting material, used as a latrine for an entire family of rodents, or simply shredded past recognition. Once they have comfortably nested, your attic residents may switch to even more dangerous chewing habits, such as your electrical wiring, and continue to defecate and generally cause destruction throughout the uppermost level of your home. Tackling this problem, ideally before it begins, is critical.

A Wildlife Exclusion Plan

When you consider how expensive and even dangerous critter damage in your attic can be, you will start to realize that it is almost impossible to go overboard on keeping certain pests out. The best way to accomplish this, unless you happen to be an expert yourself, is to call in a wildlife exclusion team (basically this means exterminators who take their job way beyond exterminating—). They will come in and identify your potential risk areas, such as clogged gutters and nesting areas, exposed insulation, access points around your roofline, and damp, open crawl spaces, and show you how to correct any problem areas. The advice of a wildlife exclusion team is especially important just before the full force of winter hits, when critters would love most to take refuge in your attic.

Repairing the Damage

Unfortunately, sometimes a wildlife exclusion plan includes discovering some wildlife that has already made its way into your home. This can mean anything from a family of rodents living in your crawlspaces to insulation that is torn apart (or defecated on past the point of no return), and even chewed up electrical wiring. One of the neat tricks skilled pest control professionals have to offer is borate infused cellulose insulation. This all natural, ecofriendly stuff has natural defenses against pests, is more flame retardant than fiberglass insulation, and contains no skin irritants. Considering that you will need new insulation in many cases; it’s an excellent choice. If an infested crawl space is your problem, they’ve got the answer to that as well. Moisture control vents (and you definitely want your moisture controlled) that have protective plates keep your crawl spaces dry and, equally importantly, empty.