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5 Reasons Controlling Carpenter Bees is So Important

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controlling carpenter bees atlantaControlling carpenter bees is less about preventing stings than it is about preventing massive property damage. Like carpenter ants and termites, these flying insects destroy wooden components of your home by burrowing into the wood to create galleries. They lay their eggs in these galleries, or large tunnels in the wood, potentially posing serious stability risks to your home’s structure, not to mention unsightly aesthetics. However, that’s not the end of the damage they can cause you.

Here are five reasons you should schedule carpenter bee pest prevention today:

1. Galleries, or nests, are ½-inch in diameter.

Unlike carpenter ants or termites, which squeeze into miniscule sized holes, the nesting tunnels of carpenter bees are quite wide. They’re also fairly long, with each leg measuring seven to 12 inches. Each year, the tunnels can be reused, and a new tunnel is created each year, branching off of the old construction. It’s easy to see how load-bearing beams could crumble once hollowed out to that degree.

2. Nests are a serious source of water damage.

The siding on your home, the boards used around windows, and the planks resting against your foundation all rely on weather proofing to keep your structure secure. Once infiltrated by nesting galleries, water can easily enter your home. Once inside, the moisture leads to rot and mold. Not only does this potentially impact the stability of your home, but it also presents other health hazards as well. Molds release mycotoxins whenever they release spores, and some species have been known to cause serious health problems, including cancer.

3. Carpenter bees make way for other pests.

Woodpeckers are notorious for “opening” carpenter bee galleries in search of a tasty treat. When woodpeckers open these galleries they leave unsightly, costly damage in their wake. The consequential damage caused by these birds looking for carpenter bee larva is another important reason to control carpenter bees at the first sign of an infestation or gallery.

4. Carpenter bees can be bullies.

We know they’re only protecting their babies, but both male and female carpenter bees can make life unbearable for a homeowner with an infestation. Starting in spring, male bees will dive bomb and bump animals–including humans—who get too close to their nests. Females are the only ones capable of stinging, and while they don’t do it often, it can be a real concern when many bees have taken root in your home.

5. Finally, they cause aesthetic issues.

In addition to the other risks listed, carpenter bees smear their waste outside the entrance to their nests. These unsightly orange and yellow stains can be nearly impossible to remove in high traffic areas.

If you need help controlling carpenter bees, call 770-475-7419 to contact the experts at North Fulton Pest Solutions today. We have four decades of local experience, and we know how to effectively handle Georgia insect infestations.

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