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Control Backyard Insects

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From caterpillars to aphids to leaf miner flies – gardeners have their hands full from early spring to late summer doing battle with a plethora of flying, crawling, and burrowing insects. Some of these pests can cause serious damage to plants when left unchecked. Luckily, most backyard insects can be adequately controlled by a variety of readily available commercial products.

However, when you think you are losing your garden to six-legged invaders, call North Fulton Pest Solutions. You can trust our professionals to help you reclaim your garden and get rid of unwelcome pests. We use earth-friendly products that are gentle on the environment but tough on pests.

There are some backyard insects that prefer to feed on the gardeners, rather than the garden. Many a backyard barbeque has come to naught because of the persistent high-pitched hum of pesky mosquitoes, the sound of which is almost guaranteed to send people rushing indoors for cover and safety. Mosquitoes have been known to spread the West Nile virus, which can be quite deadly especially for people with delicate immune systems like seniors and young children.

Making sure your immediate area is free of mosquito breeding grounds (like pools of stagnant water) prevents their population from spreading and ruining your backyard summer barbeque. Mosquitoes are most active in the early morning and evening, so if you can avoid being out at those times, you cut your exposure to them considerably. They seem to be attracted to dark clothing, so wear light colored fabrics as much as possible. There are some very effective insect-repellants that you can use, but be mindful of using them on very young children.

When you need help dealing with pests in your backyard, North Fulton Pest Solutions can help. We have been ridding homes and properties of pests for over 40 years. We work hard so you and your family can enjoy pest-free living.