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How Effective Is the Carpenter Ant Extermination Process?

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Carpenter Ant ExterminationFast and efficient carpenter ant extermination helps prevent major damage to your home. These ants dig large tunnels in the wood in and around your property. In the process, they damage your foundation, can create structural problems and pose a serious annoyance. Carpenter ants don’t bite, but they can create dangerous situations by riddling your home’s framework with holes.

Invest in the following proven carpenter ant extermination and prevention methods:

Proper species identification is the start to your carpenter ant extermination.

There are two main varieties of carpenter ant—an all-black species and one both black and red. It can be incredibly difficult for homeowners to correctly determine which one they’re dealing with; so, seeking the input of the local extension office or a bug expert can help. Of course, an experienced professional pest management company will have the training and experience to do this from the get-go.

Knowing what you’re trying to control is essential to doing the job well. For instance, all-black carpenter ants typically have a main colony located on a property with satellite colonies setting up in nearby homes and other structures. In order to properly control an infestation, all of the structures need treatment.

Locate the main colony.

If you’ve noticed carpenter ants around your home, you’re likely witnessing the activity of satellite colony workers. They go out and gather food; however, you can also see them moving larvae from the main colony to others. Surprisingly, most carpenter ants will never leave their colonies. It’s the 10 percent sent out to secure food and storage space that creates so much damage. If you focus your efforts on satellite colonies, your problems will only be solved temporarily.

Utilize bait to address the main colony.

So many consumer products’ main target is to kill individual ants. Many have no impact on carpenter ant extermination. The sprays, traps, and bombs available will only waste your money and leave your yard and home filled with pesticides. Commercial bait systems, on the other hand, are highly effective.

Slow-acting bait allows workers to pick it up and deliver it to the main colony, where it slowly clears up the ants, eggs, and larvae nearby. Faster acting bait systems kill ants on contact, and are helpful once the main colony has already been managed.

Liquid applications are an excellent complement when used correctly.

After you clear all of the satellite colonies from your home, perimeter treatments of all structures in your yard can help prevent them from re-establishing their homes. They can also soak into the ground and treat hard-to-treat colonies and nests. Unfortunately, if not used properly, liquid or bait applications will fail to eliminate an infestation permanently.

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