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The 3 Most Surprising Secrets from Bug Control Companies

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Atlanta bug control companiesBug control companies know they’re a necessity in the Atlanta area. The weather here is ripe for long-term infestations for those without the professional help needed to prevent them. You can’t beat Mother Nature, but you may be able to keep pests and rodents at bay, preserving your comfort and protecting your property in the process.

Here are 3 techniques bug control companies use to stay ahead of pest problems:

1. Pest Control Professionals mix-and-match treatment types.

Baits, sprays, traps and other forms of pest control are readily available on store shelves. But did you know there are certain products only available via professional pest control services? You need special licenses, equipment, and training in order to use them correctly; so, they aren’t available on the consumer market. Yet even with these professional products at their fingertips, pros in pest control do one thing different from nearly every homeowner who is trying to battle bugs at home.

Professionals battle infestations from multiple angles. Where a homeowner may buy a bug bomb or sticky traps or bait stations, a professional service might employ three different tactics simultaneously. This ensures any bugs missed by one method will be handled by another, preventing surviving pests from re-establishing their colonies.

2. Professionals control pests by controlling their food sources.

Many times, insects make their way into our homes in order to eat. It’s a basic instinct, and too often, invasive species are after other pests. Fire ants, for instance, will be particularly drawn to structures suffering from flea or roach infestations. You don’t have to have those issues, but if you do, chances are high that fire ants won’t be far behind. Knowing this, the pros will often work to control the fire ant’s food source first. If there’s nothing to eat on your property, pests will eventually die out or move on.

3. Professionals pinpoint ways of making your home less attractive to pests.

Along with removing food sources, pest control companies can advise homeowners on the best ways to pest-proof their homes. This can include professional product applications but may also touch on issues that you can change on your own. Switching out traditional outdoor lightbulbs for white, yellow or red LEDs, for instance, or moving your compost bin away from your house are easy ways of minimizing your exposure.

In the hot and humid Georgia climate, however, bugs are just par for the course. Preventive measures must be put in place to prevent your home from becoming overrun. How much will that cost? Probably less than you think once a professional service puts its magic to work for your property.

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